Trials, Trails, and Sea Shells

Let’s talk about themes here, I’ve seen so many different themes in all my viewings but I always new what I was planning to do. As a regular fish out of water, I just have to do a mermaid theme. Now I’m not talking like cutesy mermaids that frolic and sing and I’m also not talking cold-hearted luring men to their death in the depths of the ocean, somewhere in between is the feel I am going for.

Thankfully I’ve got friends in high places (I have like 3 friends right now so it’s not like I got a lot going for me), and am lucky enough that I’ve been shared some sea shell items and DIYs. So far I’ve got some sea shell arches, sea shell beds, and a sea shell fountain. All thanks to friends! Never be afraid to ask friends for help, you’ll never know what might be able to come your way unless you ask!

An idea that may seem simple might not always be the case, JJI and I tried for hours to try and get an island within our island to look like a sea shell. End game I want it to be like a shrine to Mermaids that has three tiers, we have something for now that kinda looks like a sea shell, but also could be mistaken for a tree. It’s also hard to tell where the rules bend, like when you put land on land to make it higher it needs a one block radius still, but that doesnt count if the block next to it is water? I had such an issue making things look even and have clean edges, and then what I did just wasn’t up to par for me and JJI had to come and fix it into something that is at least bearable.

Paths are becoming a little frustrating as well the more I play. I love that custom paths are an option here and I happened to nab a couple nice ones to use in my town to tie some colour schemes I want together. The problem is that in some areas of my town, where I button mash to pick up items, I find myself frequently accidentally scrape of the custom path with my foot. A mechanic where a path can just be pushed aside like dirt seems a little weird to me.

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