Look Book

First Wand Looks

Wanted to show off the first outfits I decided to lock into my magic wand! As my fashion tastes changes constantly, this will probably become a weekly occurrence showing off my current styles.

For the Week of May 24th-May 30th, 2020


The “Astrogirl” look, this one is inspired by the superhero in all of us, it consists of: Astro Dress, Zap Helmet, Pom-Pom socks(Pink), and Strappy Heels(Purple).


The “Cozy” look, the type of outfit I could imagine myself wearing on a nice Autumn walk, consists of: Checkered Chesterfield Coat(Brown), Worn-out Jeans(Light Blue), Do-rag(Grey), Tortoise Specs(Brown), Striped Socks(Red), Recycled Boots(Brown).


The “Cute” look, just a simple, light-hearted, aesthetically pleasing outfit I threw together, it consists of: Top Coat(Pink), Lace Shorts(Black), Flashy Hairpin(Purple), Fishnet Tights(Black), Leopard Pumps(Purple), and Faux Fur Bag(Pink).


The “Mermaid” look, I wouldn’t have a decent Mermaid themed Island without a Mermaid themed outfit, it consists of: Shell Dress(Blue), Tiara Hair Wig, Masquerade Mask(Black/Yellow), and Embroidered Shoes(White).


The “Rainy” look, the perfect outerwear for those rainy days where you just can’t stay inside, it consists of: Raincoat(Yellow), Denim Pants(Light Blue), Explorer’s Hat(Beige), and Work Boots(Purple).


The “Rebel” look, this one is brought to you by the rebel that dwells within all of us, it consists of: Skull Tee(Black), Punk Pants(Purple), Pleather Mask(Black), Striped Socks(Black), and High Tops(Purple).


The “Welcome” look, an outfit specifically designed for the welcoming of new guests to the Sirenity community, it consists of: Office Uniform(Pink), Pilot’s Hat(Blue), Embroidered Flower Tights(Black), and Walking Shoes(Purple).


The “Wicked” look, when you want to give off a ‘Witchy’ vibe, it consists of: Hand Knit Tank(Black), Chain Pants(Black), Mage’s Hat(Purple Rim), Octagonal Glasses(Purple), Winklepeckers(Black), and Mini Pleather Bag(Black).

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