Villager Relations

Let’s take a small look at the interactions and relationships we can see in Animal Crossing New Horizons!

It’s time to gush! I love all the ways the villagers interact with the environment around them, so today I am going to talk just a little bit about those interactions and the different types of interactions I’ve noticed so far within my own Island community.

Villager vs Villager

The way villagers interact with each other is a very interesting experience in New Horizons. I love when I pop into someone’s home and notice they have another guest over! They even comment on the fact that they enjoy having their friend over.

The way they talk to each other always seems so natural! There have been, very few, interactions I’ve seen that didn’t feel like they would happen in a real life scenario. The only one that I found was a little outlandish ended up being more ironic than anything (Identity Crisis), and just made it that much more enjoyable.

Villager vs Self

These guys have preferable routines! From exercising to singing they definitely make the most of their day.

I’ve even found that my dearest villagers can do as much as even get sick!

I am immediately on top of any sick villagers. If you ever notice that one of your villagers is sick, think about heading to the store or crafting up some medicine for them! They will definitely thank you for it!

The nicknames they tend to give you are a bit eccentric. If you ultimately don’t like them there are customize-able options. Also note that if you already have nickname and maybe want it to be reset, just give Isabelle a shout and she’ll smarten things up real quick.

Villager vs Environment

I’m not gonna lie there is something seriously calming about walking through my village and seeing a villager walking around with a cup of their favourite drink in hand.

They sniff and enjoy the scenic additions like flowers and such throughout my Island.

When interacting with furniture in their own home, you can sometimes find them interacting with their DIY workbench. If you didn’t know already this is already, talking to them while they are working will result in an extra DIY in your pocket.

I’ve heard some people complain about there being something lacking in the way villagers interact, in comparison to other Animal Crossing Titles. I for one find the interactions plentiful, if they happen to add more of these interactions into future updates it’ll be a bonus for sure. At the end of the day I am completely content with how Sirenity runs right now.

Anyways there’s your little tidbit of information for the week.

Bye for now~

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