Look Book

Colours of the Wand

This week I wanted to challenge myself to fill my wand with outfits within a certain theme. I tried to keep it pretty simple for the first round and gave myself colours to do as a theme. Feel free to suggest a theme yourself, the next week’s theme will be announced at the weekly newsletter every week.

(Note: I won’t be listing the colours of the items I am wearing in this look book as it should be whichever colour theme it corresponds to)


Beige/Brown, from the earthy soil to sandy beaches, this wholesome ensemble consists of: Collarless Coat, Plaid Shorts, Straw Hat, Round Tinted Glasses, Recycled Boots, and Pleather Fringe Bag.


Blue, like the ocean, and the sky, this cool napping ensemble consists of: Vertical-Stripes Shirt, Hickory-Stripe Pants, Beret, DAL Eye Mask, Everyday Tights, and DAL Slippers.


Green, like the trees with it’s leaves and the grass between your toes, this refreshing ensemble consists of: Boa Fleece, Box-Pleated Skirt, Round Shades, Semi-Opaque Socks, Boots, and Plain Cap.


Orange, like the sister fruit here on Sirenity, this tantalizing ensemble consists of: Groovy Tunic, Frilly Sweatpants, Tulip Hat, Water Shoes, and Round Tinted Shades.


Pink, like little kitty toe beans, this youthful ensemble consists of: Career Jacket, Upcycled Skirt, Pink Lillies, Bubblegum, Hi-Tech Sneakers, Pom-Pom Socks, and Faux Fur Bag.


Purple, one of my personal favourite colours, the colour that can be found within an evening sunset, this lovable ensemble consists of: Heart Apron, Headband, Octagonal Glasses, Striped Tights, and Babouches.


Red, a strong colour, the colour of fire, this sporty ensemble consists of: Fuzzy Vest, Corduroy Pants, Headgear, Striped Socks, and Winklepickers.


Yellow, our final look as bright as the sun, this iridescent look consists of: Striped Shirt, Flashy Slacks, Floral Hairpin, Masquerade Mask, Rubber-toed Sneakers, Mixed-Tweed Socks, and Cloth Shoulder Bag.

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