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May 31st – June 6th, 2020

Another week in Sirenity has passed, A super eventful one to say the least! Read to find out what happened on my island May31st-June6th 2020.


May 31st, 2020

A fresh new week ahead of us, the last stamp rally already done and behind us. I look to Daisy Mae for my Turnip needs, today Turnips are costing me a whopping 109 Bells. Hopefully I’ll have no issues making me some Bells good ole fashioned way.

I did seem to eventually discover a bump in my path. Last week I had spent most of the week diligently placing and paying off inclines, and I had just started my placement of the residential inclines I wanted. I had originally wanted all the villagers to each have their own raised backyard, with their own set of stairs, and their own little gardens. This originally seemed completely plausible to do until today, when I was informed by Mr. Nook, that you can only have a maximum of 8 inclines on the island.

Which would’ve been nice to know before I had invested so much Bells into it already. My residential area is three rows of three and one row of one at the bottom. Since I had already completely finished the top row already I decided I would keep it, demolish the one I had completed in the next row, and lowered all the other backyards down. It was quite a time consuming progress, however, I found that after doing this I liked the residential area a lot more. Plus I was able to get it to a more completed look a lot sooner than I would have having to wait for all those inclines to have been put up. Instead of having a week or more still of stuff to do to complete the residential area, I am already basically done as of today. The only thing left is last minute backyard accessories and some strategic flower placements.

Later on in the evening much more eventful things were taking place. A couple of friends of mine invited me to join them on a Golden Trout hunt since they would be disappearing for the season. Seeing as I hadn’t caught it yet, and that I had absolutely nothing better to be doing, I was more than excited to take them up on their offer.

The three of us got all dolled up for our adventure, and I headed over to one of their Islands so that we could start our search. At first I wasn’t having to much luck, I already had to take a trip back home to sell the abundance of Loach I had accumulated in my pockets.

Eventually, through perseverance and a lot of used up bait, I was able to catch the Golden Trout! I also happened to be able to check the Cherry Salmon and the Char, off my museum checklist! Overall it was an amazing adventure to have with them!


June 1, 2020

Welcome to June! One of my favourite months honestly (and not just because it’s my Birthday month). Sharks are finally in season! I love Shark season, because although fishing alone is super satisfying, nothing is more satisfying then catching a huge Shark.

Nothing is more UNSATISFYING then seeing your first fin of the season and it ends up being a Suckerfish. I did however manage to make it up, as my very first Shark catch of the season happened to be a Whale Shark!

On another June related note, it happens to be Wedding Season! I was actually super excited when I heard about this event, and a little worried. My worry was mostly brought on by the fact that it’s a full month long event, and after dealing with the trauma of the Stamp Rally, I am hoping there is a more refreshing approach taken with this new event to say the least.

Reese and Cyrus, I loved these guys in New Leaf, and Pocket Camp. To be able to celebrate this momentous occasion with these two is an immense honour. I am sure everyone is enjoying their return to the franchise.

I’ve always loved the interior design aspects of the Animal Crossing franchise, so this event is right up anyone’s ally that enjoys that area of gameplay. I spared no expense in laying out the area as beautiful as I could, even making sure I wasn’t able to be seen in the photo. I like that you are welcome to take multiple photos; keep in mind that Reese will only take a look at the last photo you took before talking to her. Also having this new currency that I can use to add more unique items to my collections is a welcome new addition. Overall I hope this event continues to go well!


June 2, 2020

Redd was in town today, the Glowing Painting will be part of my museum as of tomorrow!

Today was all about reception for the Wedding Season event today. I bought me a wedding chair, and wedding flowers, to add to my collection of Cyrus designed furniture. I liked that it was meant to be a different look from before, and I enjoyed how I got something different out of it today compared to what I got yesterday. I’m feeling good about this event so far!

I spent the remainder of the evening just in town fishing, enjoying the new summer season nightlife. Managed to catch some fireflies and mosquitoes as well.


June 3, 2020

It was Filbert’s Birthday today, and I honestly debated for a beat whether I would even attend. Filbert isn’t a villager I plan on keeping in town, and I know that having a bad relationship with Villagers can help in the move out process. However, I just could not bring myself to stand this little squirrel up. He might not be a villager I want for the future of Sirenity, but right now he is a member of our community and should be treated as such. So gift in hand I headed over to Filbert’s to celebrate; on a side note Rasher seems to be party favourite.

Savannah was in town today, honestly didn’t get anything too special when buying the usual (went with the extra mysterious wallpaper this time). Was still nice that she was in town for the chat though!

After I finished all my daily tasks on the island I headed on over to Harv’s for the next segment of Wedding Season. It was the same theme as the first day, recreating the service again. I don’t see the recurring themes being an issue as long as Cyrus continues to have more unique furniture at the same time.

I gotta say it is super easy to love coming to see these two gooey romantics, I look forward to seeing where the rest of this goes.


Let me start off by saying this was a pretty busy day! An amazing one for sure though!

First little miss Label showed up on my island for the first time today! It was so much fun playing around with her!

With the challenge of “Work Attire” in mind I went and got all dolled up for her! She gave me the absolute cutest Labelle Hat, just so happened to be in my favourite shade of purple!

The next thing up on my checklist was Reneigh’s Birthday! Definitely a jam packed week for birthdays! There was no hesitation when it came to attending and I was enjoyed to see the dynamic duo together again. I love how much Renee and Reneigh hang out together, they are definitely BFFs! (Or more~)

Next steps were back to Harv’s for another familiar themed phtoography experience. I love having the chance to outdo my older photos with the continual new content Cyrus keeps coming out with.

The Bell Boom

Now this part of my day was so big that I’m giving it it’s own little sub section here. It started off with this morning when my Turnip prices were at 204 Bells! I didn’t want to miss the opportunity so I took my hesitant stance once again (and I am SO THANKFUL I did, but kinda wish I hadn’t sold any at all that morning) I sold 150 of my 350 @ the 204 Bell price(30,600 Bells).

I was literally planning on shutting my game off for the day come noon before all this went down. When I went into the Cranny I was not expecting 531 Bells per turnip to be staring back at me. I sold up the last of my turnips (106,200 Bells) and went about informing all my friends about my Bell Boom.

That just didn’t feel like enough at the end of the day, not letting as many people as possible enjoy the fruits of my bell boom just wasn’t in my nature. So I went over into my Discord servers in search of others who may have been interested. A lot of them were and came from the most wonderful NintenTalk community. Fun fact, I love watching NintenTalk I even try to tune into NookTalk when I can. I definitely recommend checking him out on Youtube if you haven’t already. Now all I really got is some more flight information info for these WONDERFUL individuals, but I assure you, each one of these individuals, was super kind, respectful, and generous, during their visits!

Next time something like this I do want to be a bit more organized i.e. asking photo permissions before the visit instead of after so I don’t hold back on my photo taking, and writing down who gave what for tips because these people were very giving and I hate that I can’t show the stats this time.

My anxiety was a little high during all this, as I am not normally very sociable (as that’s where my anxiety lies), but especially since it was my first time having people I didn’t know in real life visiting my island. I was happy to have shared this experience with all of the lovely visitors who came. I easily could have ended up letting someone in who wasn’t as kind and patient as you all were, it is very motivating for doing this more in the future! (Maybe even do some island tours for readers one day~).

With many deep breaths, and calming thoughts, it was a very exciting way to end my Thursday!


Finally! Woke up this morning to Isabelle giving me the greatest news! I am finally getting my Cranny Upgrade! Since I haven’t been time travelling for this island it has felt like an eternal wait for this upgrade. Especially when so many people kept asking me during the Bell Boom yesterday why I hadn’t acquired it yet. I was almost starting to wonder if I had missed a step or something in the process. Good news nonetheless, so come Sunday I should have a brand new Cranny!

Lief also happened to be visiting today, he even gave me the Hedge DIY! I was super worried I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on one, as I had heard that you had to have participated in the Nature Day event to receive it. Since I don’t time travel and I didn’t even get my game until after that event ended, I was under the impression I was going to have to go through a wild hunt with all my friends in hopes someone had a spare. So thank goodness for that!

Honestly I think these are beautiful~

The more stuff I get the more elaborate I feel I get with the designs. I know some people have been throwing in their own items to try to enhance the photo outcomes, but I don’t feel I have much furniture myself that would really suit the style they are looking for. I’m really hoping that maybe next week they start asking for one of the other colour variations that the wedding items come in. I would love be able to feel more open to experimenting with the different wedding aesthetics they’ve got going on.


Today is very much feeling like a keep it simple day, I had a pretty busy week here on Sirenity, made some new friends, hung out with some old ones. My Cranny is closed today for renovations anyways, so I just headed straight to Harv’s island to finish up the Wedding Season event stuff for the week. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found when I arrived!

A full on party! Where I got to seat the guests and make sure everyone is looking their best. I had a lot of fun with this one, electing to bring my favourite villagers, JJI, and of course have Cyrus and Reese’s guests of honour, Harvey and part the Dodo patrol.

I even got a super cute collector’s plate! Also happened to unlock my villager posters for the Nook Catalog. It definitely felt like something more definitive happened today, it strangely feels more complete. Not sure if that’s a good thing seeing as there are still plenty more days/weeks to go for this event! Either way it has been an amazing week here on Sirenity. We gladly celebrate any new visitors that came to the island this week. You are what makes Sirenity great!~

Coming This Week:

Thanks for reading about the last week with me here is a quick preview of what’s coming to the blog this week!

Sunday, June 7th:(10 am)The weekly Newsletter for May31st-June6th
Monday, June 8th: (10 am)Art Post
Tuesday, June 9th:(10 am&10:15 am)Two New Story Times
Wednesday, June 10th:(10 am)Weekly Tidbit (A look at things I hope they bring to the game)
Thursday, June 11th:(10 am) Look Book (This week’s theme is Dress for the Weather)
Friday, June 12th:(10 am&10:15 am) Two New Story Times (Note: Fridays are a wild card day, if I happen to have anything extra I feel like posting by this time during the week it will also be posted on this day)
Saturday, June 13th: No Posts Scheduled

Bye for now~

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