The Future of Crossing

If you are interested in what I miss from older animal crossing games, or want to see what I think they should add to the New Horizons experience, this is a little insight into that.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that we are waiting in anticipation for the future of Animal Crossing New Horizons. Based on my experiences in previous Animal Crossing titles and the many hours I’ve already thrown into New Horizons, I’ve come up with a few things, some from the past, some just thoughts I’ve had, that I hope might maybe be part of the game!

“Rain, Sleet, Snow or Hail, We Deliver What You Mail!”

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I miss the post office… so very much. First I loved that I could use the letter slots as a hack to hold more items by storing any tools that weren’t in use, as gifts. I also loved that I could write my letter up anywhere I wanted, I didn’t have to be in the post office to write it all out. You could also throw out into the sea your very own messages in bottles. I was a cringy poetry kid, and I used to send my badly written, 4th grader, poems into the ocean. I always imagined someone would find it and think it was from mysterious famous poet or something. I still like poetry but It’s definitely not as big an impact as it used to be in my life, maybe it will be again now that I have New Horizons to use as a creative outlet for that kind of energy. Either way, only ideally possibly if we can get the post office back, I would suggest just bringing back paper as a mechanic and leave it to the Dodos. However, I’ve really been missing the total drama dynamic that is Pelly, Phyllis, and Pete. I would also be content with a shout out at least like C.J. and Daisy Mae. We could finally get the answer to who Pete ends up with a new character being the child running the post office! If they wanted to really get to people they could make the character not even mention who mom is, and happen to look like it could be Phyllis or Pelly’s, I don’t know why I need the drama so bad, but I do, please bring back the post office. (I am aware that Pete avidly talks about Pelly so that’s probably what happened but I was always kinda rooting for Phyllis)

The Police Station

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If you’ve played Animal Crossing on the GameCube, or completed the Public Works Project for it in New Leaf, you’ll remember the Police Station. I loved popping inside daily to see what goodies needed to be “found”. Mostly though, I just loved interacting with Copper and Booker. I know we already have the bin where items go when you are building and such, but there was something I just loved about working with them. Nothing beats when Booker hovers over you like a hawk while you peruse the lost goods.

My thoughts on what they could do with bringing this back, is that it could end up being beneficial for trading and such. If you were able to also submit stuff as lost, and had visitors have the ability to claim lost items, it could work well for trading DIYs or even for cataloging. Even if it’s not done up quite the same, maybe not a police station, maybe not lost and found, but I think I would really enjoy having Booker and Copper back in my Animal Crossing life.

The Observatory

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This one was something I only got to experience in Wild World myself, since even though I still own City Folk to this day, I still have not played it. Still even though I only got a small experience with The Observatory, it was one of my favourite things they introduced to the series. The ability to not only make your own constellations was not only a super fun and creative way to use your time, but the fact that you could share these constellations with your friends by visiting them was even better. A mechanic like that I think would work so well in New Horizons, especially with how beautiful that starry sky looks in game right now.

The other fact of the matter is that I really enjoy seeing Celeste in town, so giving her a home base like the observatory (or the second level in New Leaf), would mean getting to spend time with her daily. Maybe she could even sell items or DIYs that normally involve star fragments there instead of just gifting them whenever she’s in town. Also would love to see just more interactions between her and Blathers, you’d think they’d chat a little more or hang out together?


There is no way I am not the only one a little agitated that our Campsite visitors aren’t even allowed to enjoy the outdoors… outdoors. It always reminded me of when the villagers made Igloos in previous games, they would then be confined inside for the rest of the time, now that made a little more sense since it was cold outside, but this is a campsite. Why is it they can’t stroll around the area a little bit for certain times of day? Even if they were only allowed to travel a certain radius from the campsite tent, I think this would be a great way to improve the game.

The fact they stay inside there, actually made the least sense to me, seeing as in Pocket Camp, Villagers were more than welcome to wander about the areas(Unless they were in the Cabin I guess?). Still if Flick and CJ can wander about different areas of my island, why can’t a campsite visitor? Another thing I want to quickly touch on about the campsite, why can’t I recruit a campsite visitor from another island? I’ve had a few visitors that I was extremely not fond of, but I knew people who would have loved to have the opportunity to have them in their town. Just seems like a chance that is going to waste to encourage people to interact with each other more.

Tortimer’s Island

Anyone who played New Leaf will know about Tortimer’s Island. There are many reasons I think this, or something similar would be great to add into the new game. An island with special items, loads of multiplayer gameplay, and it was one season all year round. This made it possible to not have to play all four seasons worth to finish everything for the museum (without time travelling), and since that season was Summer, it was all Sharks all the time. I would spend every single in game day on the island Shark Hunting, long into the night where I would switch out my rod for my trusty net to move on to Beetle Hunting instead. I’ve heard a lot of people attesting that this is probably at the biggest possibility of actually returning to the game in some way, shape, or form. Speculations brought on by the ominous pier on everyone’s island that has yet to see much use.

Whether it’s just for another variety of island adventure, a way to get more special items, or a way to play more online games with friends, I believe that it would be pretty crazy not to do SOMETHING with that pier. I want a reason to put more than just candles on it. Then there is the other big reason I want something to be done here, because I want that something to be done by Kapp’n. Wind behind my sails, and taxi driver enthusiast Kapp’n. I want to hear him sings his ridiculous yet catchy songs, and I want to travel while he talks to me like I’m his kid or something.


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Gracie the queen of Brattitude, I can’t tell you why it is exactly I want to see her again. Something about her style maybe or the fact that she gives zero cares(trying to stay PG lol), that or her ability to park diagonally in the middle of a forest. All adds up to the fact that I want to see her, even if it’s just a one time future event. I think with how big fashion has gotten in the Animal Crossing game, they could really play around with this, have a fashion week hosted by Label and Gracie or something. Gracie is a small thing that I want to be brought into the New Horizon environment but I think it will still at a lot of fun and bring a little bit of nostalgia (and maybe fear) to those who once enjoyed her presence in previous games.

The Upstairs

The little set of stairs leading to the second level of Nook’s Cranny, I know it’s hiding all the way back in the corner, and it’s not incredibly likely that they will do anything with it. Still, there is something ominous about it to me and I really, really want to see what is upstairs. Are the Nook boys hiding something? I would love to see them as secret collectors of frivolous things or something ridiculous. They could do anything that gets me up those stairs and I think I’d be content. Ever since I noticed it when my Cranny finally got it’s upgrade I haven’t been able to get out of my mind what could be beyond the stairs.

On the subtopic of Nook’s Cranny though, I would also like to see more upgrades in general. I remember the Nook N Go, I loved trying my best to spend my bells so that I could reach the next upgrade, and so far at least I haven’t seen anyone with other than the two versions of the Cranny there is now, the regular and the upgraded, and that’s the end. Maybe I’m asking too much, but this was a common occurrence in the previous versions of the game, and I don’t quite understand their reasoning for the elimination of it.

I am sure there are plenty of things that you guys want to see that I haven’t mentioned. Feel free to share in a comment below, I would love to hear other people’s future ideas for the game as well!

Bye for now~

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