Look Book

Dress For the Weather

This week we take a look at different outfits you can set up for the weather.

The Look Book this week consists of some clothing items that are good for the different weather/seasons. Got to stay snazzy even through a Winter storm.


The changing leaves, the cool crisp air. Keeping it cool has never been better with this Autumn outfit, which consists of: Top Coat (Pink), Denim Pants (Blue), Shallow-knit cap (Brown), Octagonal Glasses (Purple), Tube Socks (Purple), and Walking Shoes (Brown).


Got to get that swim wear going, didn’t have too many options sitting in my closet. This however seems, perfect for a warm lay down on the beach, this look consists of: Workout Top (Black), Comic Shorts (Black?), Wide-brimmed Straw Hat (Black), and Beaded Sandals (Yellow?).


With whole world up in the air, I’m sure we all have our own Quarantine looks locked down pat. This ready for anything look consists of: PJ Outfit (Blue), Tortoise Specs (Brown), Privacy Mask (Black), Semi-Opaque Socks (Green), and DAL Slippers.


I’ve done a Rainy look before, so I did try to change this one up a little, so this dry look consists of: Raincoat (Yellow), Cargo Pants (Blue), Explorer’s Hat (Yellow), Everyday Socks (White), and Rain Boots (Green).


Allergies, flowers, and nature coming to life, is the ideal time to bring out the spring wear. This natural look consists of: Hip Wrap Shirt (White/Green), Chino Pants (Blue), Beret (Blue), Round Tinted Shades (Orange), and Flower Sandals (Purple).


The heat of the Summer, be careful not to get sunburn, make sure to keep it cool with this outfit that consists of: Sleeveless Tunic (Purple), Plaid Shorts (Brown), Labelle (Purple), Round Shades (Purple), and Babouches (Purple).


Sunny days are happy days, got enjoy that Vitamin D. This warm look consists of: Front-tie Button-down Shirt (Grey), Lace Shorts (Black), Ribboned Garden Hat (Black), Browline Glasses (Black), and Comfy Sandals (Brown).


The time where the days get shorter and much, much, colder. Try out this comforting outfit! It consists of: Mountain Parka (Orange), Sweatpants (Black), Rimmed Glasses (Silver), Puckered Socks (Red), and Steel-toes Boots (Red).

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