Wild Friday

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday Thursday, June 11th, 2020 was my birthday, so much happened I made a wild friday post about the experience!

June 11, 2020, was my real world 26th Birthday. I was expecting there to be a little bit of in game excitement for this, but having never actually been able to play on my Birthday in the past, I didn’t have much to go on. I literally have no idea how Birthdays were done in any of the other Animal Crossing titles I played. I have a huge family so Birthdays were always a decent deal so I was normally not even home. Anyways, I wasn’t expecting much, but it ended up being way more awesome than I could’ve even imagined. To the point where I had so much content for my Birthday that I had to do this post on its own instead of just an excerpt of the weekly newsletter.

My day started off with being spirited away the moment I exited my house. Renée brought me to her house where, I found a surprise party waiting for me!

Honestly this is around when I thought everything would just cool off for the Birthday stuff. Even after blowing out the candles that wasn’t the end of it. My friends Renée, Nana, and Peggy all bring out a pinata!

I apologize for the quality of this video I was out of town and was unable to transfer files around the way I normally do, might reupload a better version when I get back home~

I bashed that thing and out came the goodies! Got an interesting new food item as a present to boot! Cupcakes!

I partied hard with my lovely party goers, I even was able to get some Nook Miles from the experience. Thinking that maybe this time it was finally all they could possibly give to me I exited the party to run the rest of my daily errands.

This is where I felt I got to have just a little bit more fun with everything. These shareable cupcakes gave me opportunities to get more gifts from other villagers. As soon as I found out I did my rounds. I’m not sure what the criteria was for being able to give a villager a cupcake. It could be a relationship level thing, or something else entirely. Either way I noticed that even though I was given more than enough cupcakes to give one to everyone on my Island but some villagers just wouldn’t give me the option to hand it over.

I finally got the opportunity to hear K.K. Slider’s Happy Birthday Song, I was always a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to ever hear it, since I wasn’t aware he shows up on your Birthday no matter what. I always kind of thought you just had to get lucky enough for your Birthday to fall on the same day as one of his regular concerts. Honestly it was adorable, I even enjoyed the little addition of notes from some of the villagers that appeared during his concert.

It was an amazing day, and it was so much fun that I am already looking forward to next year when I get to do it all again! Thanks for a great 26th Birthday Animal Crossing!

Bye for now~

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