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June 7th – June 13th, 2020

June 7th – June 13th Check out what happened this week on my island.


June 6, 2020

Last week was a great week, so let me start off by saying that I started my day with the Blog in mind. I wanted to do something big, with the minor success of my Bell Boom last week, I want to challenge myself for the sake of my audience. Something that I hope to continue to do in the future even if this happens to turn into a massive fail, which it really, really, could.

The idea sparked the moment little miss Daisy Mae wandered up with a price of 92 Bells per Turnip. Now, I had quite a few bells leftover from paying off my house loan, thanks to the generosity of the island visitors from the Bell Boom.

So I decided that I would put to use, at 92 Bells a Turnip I might as well grab… 9200 Turnips. Not only do I now have 846,400 Bells worth of beautiful ‘nups. I have rules! Rule 1: I can’t sell them on a Stranger’s Island via Dodo code, I am limited to my own island or a Nintendo Switch Online Friend’s Island. Rule 2: I can’t time travel on my own Island (Now this is already a creed I follow, but I am just reiterating it here in case people forgot). Rule 3: I cannot ask a Nintendo Switch Online Friend to time travel for me for the sake of selling my Turnips. (They will be notified they aren’t allowed to help me in this manner, but are welcome to just keep an eye out when they are out and about). Rule 3: The final but most important rule, I am only allowed to sell at a minimum of double what I paid, 184 Bells a Turnip, otherwise I MUST sell no matter the price Saturday Afternoon. Sure you are going to see the whole course of the story in one post but I think it will be a wild road to follow nonetheless.

The next big highlight of my day, was the opening of the newly upgraded Nook’s Cranny.

It felt like a really long journey to get to this point, over a month of game play it took me to get this opened the old fashioned way. It’s time consuming things like this that make time travel such a an endearing option. So after spending my leftover bells in the new shop, I got prepped and ready to head to Harvey’s.

I was literally overjoyed by the different landscape before me when I arrived, did I call it or what! We got new theme and colour requests starting this week which will make for 10 times the fun I am sure of it! So far the Wedding Event is looking pretty good for being best event of the year! (Not that I really have too many to go off of as of yet).

New themed items, so much more to explore, I really love the refreshing look of the garden themed furniture. Nice earthy tones make for a relaxing atmosphere in my opinion. I had a lot of fun with it, and immediately began the process of using my heart crystals get anything I can get my hands on for this event.


June 7, 2020

Well this frequent flyer washed up on my beach this morning. Not the first time, won’t be the last. The pun master himself broke his phone again, and I was tasked to pick up all the pieces.

So like the obsessively nice person I am, I willingly continued to assist this handsome beak. It’s not like I don’t get anything out of it anyways, it’s a timeconsumingwin/win situation here.

Next on the agenda another time consuming yet mutually beneficial task was thrust upon me. “The Search for the Lost Item Owner” Now that just sounds like an action packed adventure if I ever heard one.

Detective Thirteen was on the case, first searching the immediate area for any clues to the owner’s identity! It was there out in front of Nook’s shop I found my first suspect, MINT!

Mint was not the person who we were looking for, but coming to her wasn’t for naught. She had the insider’s scoop, she knew what was up, and she let ME in on all the deets. With my newfound clue in hand Detective Thirteen moved on to the new Numero Uno, on my list, ELLIE!

Ellie was happy to have her item returned, and I was happy to move on to bigger and brighter things. I had a visitor in my campsite today, so I had to go check it out in hopes a Dream Team villager shows up (Listed here: Dream Team). However, that was not the case instead I received…


Like it’s awesome you made the trip here mah dude, but you are not on my list. I only got room for so many villagers and as popular as you are, you are not my type. I really wish I was able to give you a good home though, but you can’t recruit from other people’s campsites (at least not yet). So for now you pass on into the void, I hope you maybe attend a friend’s island whom I know is anxiously awaiting your arrival.

I then of course ended my day at Harv’s Island to pull off some more amazing wedding photos for Reese and Cyrus. I honestly think I am killing it, and I just love this event, the wallpapers they are introducing in this event also flawless!

I didn’t buy any Turnips today, my island nor friend’s island met the criteria (that I am aware) for me to sell. The highest price I saw on my island today was 127.


June 9, 2020

I actually had a pretty slow day today, kept it simple strictly the daily stuff. Grabbed some DIY’s, shoveled up some fossils (all which I already have in the museum), and headed to Harv’s Island for Wedding Event fun.

I am Love, love, loving all the new wallpapers and carpets that came along with the new theme requests from Reese and Cyrus. I know I’ve probably already said it a hundred times, but this event is literally the greatest! I already have the full Bride outfit and most of the basic reception items.

On the Turnip front still nothing interesting yet, the highest Turnip price I had today was 164, which was pretty high, and pretty temping to get in on. But I’m sticking with the rules in the hopes that my gamble will pay off, this could be really bad.


June 10, 2020

This could get real bad if these prices don’t start looking a lot better. 43 Turnips was how I ended my Wednesday. The day wasn’t that much more eventful, to be honest I spent most of the day travelling(Safely I promise) so had to keep it to a minimum. I was still able to get over to Harv’s Island where I did my modeling for my weekly Look Book.

I of course was also able to sneak in just enough time to appease the power couple. Reese and Cyrus my role models for romance.

These cuties keep me satisfied during these shorter times I get to spend on the game. Even with my birthday tomorrow I plan to have at least a little bit more tomorrow. Although I am hoping I can actually get a lot more stuff for tomorrow solely because it’ll be my birthday. Either way I am super excited for playing again tomorrow.


June 11, 2020

Today is my birthday I was really surprised with all the Birthday related content I was able to get out of the day. I knew there would be a little bit even though I had never experienced an Animal Crossing Birthday in the past.

Gifts, surprise parties, pinatas, and cupcakes are a great way to spend your day. I won’t go into too much detail as I did do a Wild Friday post that does the whole play by play. (Happy Birthday).

After the whole Birthday Extravaganza, I changed into some more appropriate attire and headed down to Harv’s for my daily Wedding Season fix. Even though now things are beginning to look a little more repetitive now, I find it still feels satisfying because I am still able to get something out of it. The more I participate, the more heart crystals I get. The more heart crystals I get, the more Cyrus Wedding products I get shove into my home storage.

Today my Turnips were still bottom of the barrel it’s starting to look like I am going to get wrecked by week’s end. The highest price today was 41 Bells.


June 12, 2020

After an amazing Birthday yesterday, it was time for another easy day. Don’t want to work myself into the ground or nothing. Even though this blog has been the only thing keeping my days from rolling into each other.

Turnips, they will end me. 33 Bells at the day’s start, and then 30 once we hit noon. I guess trying to do this directly after I had just had a spike probably wasn’t the smartest idea, but it wouldn’t be risky if it was smart! At this point I’m doing a little poking around with friends in hopes that I will get some sort of miracle. Those prospects also seem to be sounding on low side. I got one more in game day to get those Bells up, it will definitely be fun to see how much I lose or make in this weeks market. Even if it ends badly I might still try to continue doing something like this every week.


June 13, 2020

Today was the day, the last chance for Bell redemption, and it definitely did not go according to plan.

It had been promising the first few days but my stalk market crashed hard later in the week, I didn’t even start my day at 27 Bells, I thought that was the worst it could possibly get. So I figured I’ll head around the Island and do some other stuff while I wait anxiously for noon to hit so maybe at least I can spare the hardship by a minor bells difference.

I even ended up coming across another lost item adventure!

I am glad that are little things like this to keep you busy throughout the day. Otherwise the wait probably wouldn’t have been as bad as it was. I even decided to head of to Harv’s early, I usually try to end my day on the light note that comes from the smiles from Cyrus and Reese.

It was another cute day for them, plenty of white and pink and Reese’s request.

Then there was the dread. I stared at that price for a good ten minutes thinking about what I planned to do with this. I ended up emptying my pockets of whatever I had so I could see exclusively my turnip numbers. Then I started formulating what I want to do for the future of Sirenity’s Turnip Market. I’ve decided that the funds I get back from this however small will be designated for future buying and then will continue to run on the money I lose/make during the stalk market. In the end I want to have a week where I end up making a 1,000,000 Bells on the deal. This week was not even a making of any bells though.

So I sold back my 9200 Turnips at 22 Bells a piece for a return of 202,400 Bells. Since I paid 846,400 Bells, that means for this week I have a deficit of 644,000 Bells! So that’s how the Turnips crumble this week I guess. But this is not the end, this is just the beginning!

Coming This Week:

Thanks for reading about the last week with me here is a quick preview of what’s coming to the blog this week!

Sunday, June 14th:(10 am)The weekly Newsletter for June 7th-June13th
Monday, June 15th: (5 pm)Art Post
Tuesday, June 16th:(10 am&10:15 am)Two New Story Times
Wednesday, June 17th:(10 am)Weekly Tidbit
Thursday, June 18th:(10 am) Look Book
Friday, June 19th:(10 am&10:15 am) Two New Story Times (Note: Fridays are a wild card day, if I happen to have anything extra I feel like posting by this time during the week it will also be posted on this day)
Saturday, June 20th: No Posts Scheduled

Bye for now~

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