Resources For the Avid Player

This week’s Tidbit is about the Different resources we can utilize as Animal Crossing New Horizon Players!

(Note I am not sponsored or affiliated with these sites in any way, I just found them and liked them)

I play a lot of Animal Crossing since I got it, I have still yet to go a single day without at least spending an hour or so on my Island. Now being online a lot means that sometimes I am just looking for a little more to get me through the day. Sometimes I just want some visitors for the social interaction, sometimes I want more information about possible turnip prices, or to trade DIYs with people. With how socially open this game is I knew that there had to be some decent resources on the net to help me out.

Normally my posts have a bunch of in game pictures and maybe some videos to tag along with all my boring mundane words but this time we are keeping it super simple and too the point. I am only going to talk about three Resources today, Turnip Prophet, Nookazon, and Discord. Please note that I am still relatively new to some of these and so you should look at these reviews as a mostly “At first Glance” review.

Turnip Prophet

Turnip prophet is one of a few turnip price monitoring products on the internet right now. It is also probably the most popular given that it is almost always the top search result when you look up any form of the search ‘turnip prices’ in google. At first I was a little bit confused on exactly how it worked, I wasn’t sure if I should be putting everything in the past week to tell me what I could get next week or if I was just putting it in as I go during the week and watching the outcome fluctuate. Although the latter is a less for sure approach to getting the answer in my opinion it is the way it works. I have only recently started using it more avidly (began mostly after I began my Turnip challenge). Either way it is a decent resource if you want a rough idea of what your prices will look like at least later in the week. Feel free to check it out for yourself here.


Nookazon is exactly what it sounds like, the Animal Crossing equivalent of Amazon, the go to place for anything Crossing from A to Z. They’ve got trading, free stuff, DIY’s for Bells, and so much more. I only recently joined the site, and it all looks just a bit daunting but I am already super excited to be able to utilize this resource in the future. They even have their own Discord server, which makes it that much easier to find what you are looking for. To me this seems like the one stop shop that everyone should be a part of, whether you are a “every day” player like myself or a “whenever I feel like it” player. Feel free to check it out yourself here.


Honestly I don’t know how EXACTLY to describe Discord. It’s kind of like a chatroom for gamers of all sorts, there are servers that you can join with other people who have similar interests, and there are more than few Animal Crossing ones out there. I myself am part of three different one’s NintenTalk, Nookazon, and an Animal Crossing one my friends made up so we can have our own little server. I was thinking of making one for people who follow the blog. I could host Island events for readers through there if I wanted, it’s just a thought for now (Until I have enough of a following to even warrant it). You can join Discord here.

Feel free to tell me what you think, there is no such thing as too many resources!

Bye for now~

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