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June 14th- June 20th

Check out the last week June 14th-20th on my Island Sirenity!


June 14th, 2020

Yes Daisy Mae let’s get this Turnip train moving! We are starting off the week in the red and we got to start busting our buts if I really want to get us that 1 Million Bells in the green. I was able to buy 2,250 Turnips (well after I went and grabbed 100 bells from a tree, I was not about to let 100 bells be the difference in getting a more even amount) for a whopping 202,500 Bells.

Honestly at 90 Bells a piece it felt like a great deal! For those who don’t know the rules I follow for Selling my Turnips you can find them here. I was however, so enveloped in the Turnip market today that I FORGOT ABOUT REESE AND CYRUS! By the time I noticed it was too late, so there is no Wedding Season photo today. I ruined my even streak, and let down two of my favourite Alpaca’s. Too be fair I had gotten some bad news and wasn’t really in the mood to play for the rest of the day.


June 15th, 2020

A nice day to go and tend the garden. After checking the Turnip prices first thing a decent price of 115 Bells, I went about doing some minor construction on the island. I am increasingly disliking my current layout, so I am going to be looking for some new ideas for some spaces starting with my garden area.

Kicks made a visit to my Island today, I love checking out his wares. I am a bit of a clothing shopaholic in this game, there is just so many snazzy things to wear!

I must be becoming great friends with Renée, because not only did I get one interesting interaction with her today, but two! She decided it was about time that I got a better nickname than Gigajolt, and wanted to spice up her catchphrase. So I gave her my most honest opinions!

I then of course finished off my day at Harv’s begging Reese and Cyrus to forgive me for missing yesterday’s meetup. I promised that this week I would give it my all to make up for it. I am even going to try to be a little more creative with my layouts, as I have noticed I tend to lean towards similar ones all the time. Either way it was a great time and I am sure they loved today’s photo just as much as all the others.


June 16, 2020

Jolly Red was in town today when I awoke, he definitely does not visit my Island enough. At this rate it’s going to take me FOREVER to complete the museum. To be fair his attendance was about the same in all the other versions of the game as well. I managed to acquire a Twinkling Painting in the process, that I will be able to add to my museum collection as early as tomorrow.

Our Campsite also had a visitor today his name was Shep and he was kinda adorable. I elected to leave him be nonetheless, I do hope that someone unnecessary asks to move out soon. I’ve been saving up some Nook Mile tickets so I can spend a whole day hunting when I get the chance.

Spent some more of my time just reorganizing my island, and sorting through my small abundance of extra DIY’s. Then after I finished up, I went to work for Harv.

Nothing beats the joy I see on Reese and Cyrus’ faces when I come by to see them. How I could ever forget these two I will never understand.


June 17, 2020

Leif, I don’t know why you are here, but you are here none the less. I like seeing your face but I got all the flowers and hedges I need right now. Plus, I haven’t even had any time to hoard some weeds to sell to you at premium. So you really came at a bad time. Don’t worry I could never hate you Leif.

I am a little bit agitated with Reese and Cyrus today for stifling my creativity. All I added were some cute garden lights I had, that made you look amazing by the way, and she immediately took offence. You asked for a GARDEN theme I gave you a GARDEN light, they colour still matches your dress so quit your complaining. Last time I do something outside her dear Cyrus’ products.


June 18, 2020

It was a rainy day in Sirenity today, but at least Saharah was here to sell me her wares. One of everything as per usual, don’t let the grind get to you Saharah. She honestly must love seeing me run at her full speed, because she knows that she’s getting a new flatscreen T.V..

I nearly had a heart attack thinking that Renée was going to be the next person to ask to move out. As it has been forever since Nana asked and that’s the only one who has asked. I understand that Sirenity is super fantastic place to live, but some of y’all need to get with the program, and get out.

Either way it was a false alarm. All she had wanted to do was sell me an Explorer’s Hat. Which I bought even though it was 1000 Bells (And I have a few and risk getting a double colour). It ended up being a good buy though!

I also found the best DIY ever on the beach today. I am going to have SO MUCH FUN with this. I already made one and started on a project I like to call. YOU SHOULD BE PLAYING WITH ME JJI! JJI hardly ever plays because he’s more of a Fallout boy. So he spends his days in a post apocalyptic Appalachia while I spend them on a Tropical Island. To each their own I guess.

I plan to make a pitfall seed for everyday I have seen him go without playing (not backtracking just from now on), and plant it in front of his house. This might end up not going that great if he finally remembers to go on, but he has his investments and I have mine. I’ll be monitoring it in the background so that I can post what happens when he finally does get on. Will he be smart and notice right away? Or will he just continually get trapped in a swarm of pitfalls and confusion. Only time will tell.

I was a little bit salty heading into Harvey’s today. Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to add any of my own products. If it was only criticism from Reese I was receiving, I probably would’ve just kept being creative anyways. I noticed though, that I had received less heart crystals in the process as well. I consistently get 15 Heart crystals per trip, but yesterday I had only gotten 9. So I have just elected to get over myself, and just find more creative ways, of being creative with what I already have available to me. Like I did by adding an abundance of Cyrus’ candles to add some dramatics!


June 19, 2020

Flick was strutting his stuff around my Island today, I was very happy to see him return. I think he’s adorable and I am itching for some new collectibles. I managed to get enough for the Birdwing Butterfly! I can’t wait until it shows up in the mail tomorrow!

I managed to completely punch another Nook Mile Achievement Card, for number of tools trashed. I am definitely starting to rack up some major mileage.

Finally how do I always end my Animal Crossing evenings these days? A quick pop in for Tea with Reese and Cyrus of course! Played around some more with the lighting for this one since I need to stick to maximizing my Heart Crystal income.

I feel like the Organs give such a great vibe, and the wooden aesthetic of the chic style is definitely growing to become a favourite of mine.

On another note my Turnips weren’t more than 50 Bells all day, I got to pray to the Nooklings that maybe I’ll get some good news tomorrow!


June 20, 2020

Ask the Nooklings and you shall receive apparently! I got a wake up call from one of my Nintendo Online friends about a morning Turnip price that was just within the criteria I needed. My requirement is that it has to be a minimum of twice the amount of what I purchased them at, so my minimum requirement was 180 Bells. I was able to sell all 2,250 Turnips at 204 Bells a piece for a whopping 459,000 Bells. That means this week I made a profit of 256,500 Bells! Not quite the Million Bells I’m looking for, but tomorrow we will reinvest the money we got back from the Turnips and try for a bigger profit! This officially ends the second week of trying this adventure I will continue to keep track at how many weeks we are so we can see how long it takes me to reach the goal!

This my friends is what it would have looked like if I hadn’t been able to sell just in time. 40 Bells per Turnip would have brought me a return of 90,000 Bells which would have been a loss of 112,500 Bells. It’s a rollercoaster of game we are playing in the Turnip market. But it definitely is one I enjoy playing.

I also had a camper visiting my Island today. I will admit at first glance I can’t say I was anything but slightly horrified with the Villager that had taken up residence in Sirenity’s Campsite.

His name is Beardo. He has the wildest craziest facial hair I have ever seen on a Villager and I just do not want him here. I was out of there in a Flash, and today I was thankful that Campers are confined to their tent. (#FreetheCampsite)

It may have been the fact that i was already dressed to impress with my Detective outfit but this had to have been the quickest Lost Item case Detective Thirteen has ever solved!

I had even taken a short break after finding the lost item before I went searching for the owner. Yet the first Villager I laid eyes on happened to be the exact right individual. Ellie does seem to lose her things quite a bit though it seems.

Another great week in Sirenity has ended I finished everything off with my daily visit to Harvey’s where I went for a more centralized look for the loving couple. Then waited out to rock out to some Animal City by K.K. Slider finishing up the last of the Secret songs I needed from K.K.

Coming This Week:

Thanks for reading about the last week with me here is a quick preview of what’s coming to the blog this week!

Sunday, June 21st:(10 am)The weekly Newsletter for June 14th-20th
Monday, June 22nd: No Posts Scheduled
Tuesday, June 23rd:(10 am&10:15 am)Two New Story Times
Wednesday, June 24th:(10 am)Weekly Tidbit
Thursday, June 25th:(10 am) Look Book
Friday, June 26th:(10 am&10:15 am) Two New Story Times (Note: Fridays are a wild card day, if I happen to have anything extra I feel like posting by this time during the week it will also be posted on this day)
Saturday, June 27th: No Posts Scheduled

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