Staying Busy: Part One

This week’s Tidbit is about keeping busy! The first instalment of what I am sure will be many more parts, some fun little ideas to use on your island!

Sometimes the only reason we get on Animal Crossing is for the distraction. To get away from all real world problems and immerse yourself in a much more pleasant environment. So this week my Tidbit for my Readers is as simple as stuff to do to keep you busy. Also since I am sure there are LOADS of things you can do to keep busy I’ll probable do other parts in the future! (Not necessarily one week after the other.)


Gifts are plenty of fun whether just handing over stuff from your pockets as gifts or sending it through the mail. You can always find a way to keep busy by paying visits and showing appreciation for your villagers! An example of what I do is, once a month if I am looking for something to do I clear out my storage unit of any doubles I haven’t cared to notice I’ve obtained over time. I then take them and go around gifting them to villagers I think the item would suit!

If you are lucky sometimes they will even give you gifts back! Which can benefit anyone who is trying to complete their catalogue.

Gifts help increase your friendship with Villagers as well so it can be a win/win if you are constantly giving them just the doubles you’ve obtained. Sending them letters with gifts is also a must you should try to send at least one every other week, it’s always fun hearing back from them!

Get Creative!

There are plenty of time consuming creative things you can do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and you don’t need to be a fancy artist to have fun with it.

Make a bunch of Custom Designs even if they are just a bunch of funny non-sense. It’s a great way to make your island feel more like something of your very own creation. Buy a bunch of customization kits from the Nooklings and just have at her.

Experiment with different outfits, there are so many that you can wear something different everyday if you want. Honestly, that’s what I recommend for a more fulfilling experience. There is something seriously refreshing about changing my clothes every day in game, just about as refreshing as doing it in real life. I take a trip to the Tailor’s everyday collecting some of everything plus variations. Getting creative is a great way to keep yourself busy!

Have Fun With Your Island

Change things up and have some fun with your island. The new Terraforming Skill adds a lot to the game as for being able to change the environmental experience. Especially with mechanics like jumping.

Utilizing the jumping mechanic is great if you want to try and make obstacle courses or even mazes! Just make sure you don’t leave to much space in between.

You can also use it for making easier access to the Island, make bridge-less bridges! They can also be cute if you form them into little hearts and other images.

Water-scaping different shapes into your island dynamic can keep you busy and add island appeal!

Even just taking the time to relocate some of your buildings for a refreshing new look for your island as well.

Balloon Hunting

Sometimes when you are only on your island for an hour or two you don’t really notice how bountiful Balloon Hunting can be. However if you are looking to waste some long hours it might be in your favour to keep your eyes peeled!

Just in a span of about 4 hours of gameplay I was able to get a plentiful amount. There were at least five that I was able to get pictures of but I had already gotten about 3 or more before I realized I should’ve probably been taking photos of them all. This one is the last one on my list solely because you can always let this fun just play out in the background while you are doing other stuff. All I had been doing was some renos and taking some screenshots for the blog when they just happened into view.

I hope this week’s Tidbit is helpful to everyone who reads! Feel free to leave ideas for future “Staying Busy” segments in the comments!

Bye for now~

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