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Dress for the Occupation

This week’s outfit theme is dressing for the occupation, or in simpler terms, Work Wear. A small collection of outfits inspired by my excitement about finally going back to work!


I am going to keep it simple this week.
The Artist Outfit consists of: Apron (Purple), Draped Skirt (Purple), Beret (Blue), Octagonal Glasses (Purple), Holey Tights (Purple), and Flower Sandals (Purple).


The Chef Outfit consists of: Chef’s Outfit (Orange), Denim Pants (White), Chef’s Hat (White), Everyday Socks (White), and Pleather Sneakers.


The Clown Outfit consists of: Jester Costume (Green), Jester Cap (Red), Jester Mask (Green),Geometric-print Socks (Yellow), and Cowboy Boots (Brown).


The Detective Outfit consists of: Detective’s Coat (Brown), Denim Skirt (Black), Detective’s Hat (Brown), Round-Tinted Shades (Brown), Fishnet Tights (Black), and Rubbered-toe High Tops (Black).

Office Worker

The Office Worker outfit consists of: Office Uniform (Pink), Flashy Hairpin (Purple), Rimmed Glasses (Purple), No-Show Socks (White), and Slip-On Sandals (Purple).


The Photographer Outfit consists of: Shirt With Camera (Black), Flare Skirt (Black), Paperboy Cap (Brown), Oval Glasses (Black), Flowery Dot Tights (Black), and Business Shoes (Black).


The Pilot Outfit consists of: Flight-Crew Uniform (Blue), Pilot’s Hat (Blue), Rimmed Glasses (Black), Everyday Socks (Blue), and Slip-on Loafers (Blue).


The Waitress Outfit consists of: Diner Uniform (Red), Do-Rag (Black), Browline Glasses (Black), Stretch Leggings (White), and Mary Janes (Black).

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