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Villager Hunt!

Join me on my decent into madness with a Villager hunt! I’ll give you one hint: I don’t go home with Marina.

June 24th, 2020

Anyone who keeps tabs on my Meet the Villagers tab of the Blog will know that Mint asked to move out earlier this week, so I am showing you all the nitty gritty, of the experience I had trying to find a replacement. Makes for a great Wild Friday post!

Let me start by explaining the game plan. I have enough for 27 total trips so I have to hope I find something within that time frame as I will be completely out of miles and tickets at that point. I definitely started losing my mind a bit later in the process. Success or fail I would’ve made this post but Ill at least let you guys know now it was definitely a success!

Ideally I wanted the replacement to be any of the Dream Villagers I’ve talked about before, but really I was really pushing for Apollo, Tia, or Whitney, those are like my top three right now. Wanting to settle for nothing less of what was at least on my Dream Team actually made this process SO VERY DIFFICULT, because there are so many good ones. But you can only have 10! So you have to be picky to get what you really want in the Animal Crossing Universe.

Anyways onto the actual hunt.

Island # 1: Tammi

For each Island I do plan to show you one 30 second clip, and one photo introducing the character I met. I just didn’t think of it until after I had finished up on Tammi’s Island.

Anyways Island #1 was a regular island nothing really special about it, and was currently housing Tammi the Monkey. I also found my first Mystery Island Beach DIY in a bottle. Honestly, her eyes really creep me out. Major danger vibes, not my style. I like creepy and dark stuff but there is something just unsettling about her. Fun fact: Her Birthday in Wild World and City Folk was April 1st, but New Leaf, Happy Home Designer, and New Horizon its April 2nd? (source)

Island # 2: Marina

Island #2 was the first moment on this journey where I had myself rethinking everything but there were so many factors to consider. It also happened to be a Bamboo Island as well! Managed to even find another DIY on the Beach! I have always known about Marina, but it was all of her hype that kind of deterred me from adding her to any of my lists. However, meeting her in person was a very different experience. She is super adorable for one, and extremely hard not to like. I really debated on bringing her home but the other thing I kept thinking is I didn’t want my own hyped up villager hunt to end on Island # 2. That was essentially the biggest part of my decision was not wanting to have so little content for you guys. So please do not hate me for giving up this sweet summer child, I definitely regretted it near the end. Fun fact: One of Marina’s skills is Tongue Twisters? (Source)

Island # 3: Goose

Island #3 another regular looking island, this one housing a Rooster named Goose? There was no way I was bringing this guy home, yeah I can see the appeal if you are going for a more ironic villager set approach. Goose definitely fits the bill. Fun fact: I couldn’t find anything remotely interesting to even make a fun fact about this guy, except maybe he’s fast? (Source)

Island # 4: Pate

Island #4 was my first spiral island of the day! It was also where I found a fossil and Pate. He was alright, I like a few of the duck villagers just not really this one. He gives me a bit of a Brendan Fraser in Encino Man vibes. Which is fine, but not for Sirenity. Fun fact: Pate’s name is derived from the french liver meat dish, Pâté? (Source)

Island # 5: Annalise

Island #5 wasn’t even on my radar, which was surprising. This was another one I thought about a bit, because I do know someone in real life with the name. But, as cute as Annalise was, I was having a hard time convincing myself to take her home. So I didn’t obviously, the grind keeps keeping on. Fun fact: She is allergic to Oranges? (Source)

Island # 6: Truffles

Island #6 another spiral island! I think spiral islands are fun to run around. Especially when they give you a gold ore like this one did for me! Here is where I met Truffles. She would have been a great combo to go with Peggy I guess, but I’m not keeping Peggy so that would be a waste. Plus Truffles has a pretty angry resting face, I am not in the mood to stare at something like that frequently on my island. Fun fact: Her skill is listed as Trivia? (Source)

Island # 7: Phil

Island #7 is about where I was starting to get a little tired, nothing I can’t handle but the fact that I also clear out every island of resources when I visit it was a lot more time consuming than I originally had thought it would be. At least I did get a second gold ore out of this island, it was a tower island though, I always seem to get something out of tower islands. Phil was very much not what I was looking for I don’t really even feel the need to defend the decision here. Fun fact: If you recognize Phil it might be because he is on the cover of K.K. Jongara? (Source)

Island # 8: Knox

Island #8 another Rooster this one is ready to storm Fort Knox. On another spiral island to boot! Now I’m sure this Knight in shining armour is meant for someone out there, just not me. Honestly I find all the Hens/Roosters weird and slightly terrifying, I do not want to ever deal with a chicken the same size as me. Fun fact: Knox is one of very few villagers who wears headgear and shoes? (Source)

Island # 9: Moose

Island # 9 made me feel like the islands were now getting progressively worse with options. Moose is pretty skeevy looking if you ask me and I would pray that he never even shows his face in my campsite. Not for me, as much as I like the name Moose, as it’s the nickname of my favourite character from the show Supernatural, but this not anything like that. I cleared it out and got out of there as fast as I could. Fun fact: Moose takes his Coffee with only Mocha? (Source)

Island # 10: Wolfgang

Island #10 is where I at least finally saw a familiar face, I shared a town with this guy back on Animal Crossing for the Gamecube. It was a pleasant visit to say the least seeing as I found another DIY at the Beach here. I have too many other Wolves that I like more for my island and for me it just isn’t feasible to have that many of the same species on the island. I want at least a little bit of variety, the only exception I am really making is the 3 Elephants I want/need on the Island but I got great reasons for all of them. Either way as much as it was nice to see him, I wasn’t willing to even throw him on my island temporarily. As I was also starting to realize I might have to settle for someone who is not on my list. Fun fact: Wolfgang wants to one day be a Journalist? (Source)

Island # 11: Carrie

Island #11 these spiral island are starting to get me all topsy turvy that’s for sure. But I managed to find both a Gold Ore and another Fossil on the island. Carrie and her unnamed pouch child weren’t very tempting to be honest. While her daughter is cute I find it weird that none of the Kangaroos have names for their offspring. Despite the fact that I do have the Kangaroo Mathilda on my list that’s more because of her name so I would have been willing to make an exception for her. Instead I got Carrie though, who is nothing like an amazing IRL Carrie I know (aside for the love of blue eye shadow). Fun fact: Although none of the Kangaroos have names for their children, Carrie is the only one to mention the gender or any interests of said child? (Source)

Island # 12: Pashmina

Island #12 another familiar face, but not from past games. I actually passed Pashmina up not once but twice before already, both times it was easy. Honestly this time it was even easier. I don’t know why I have run into her so many times in particular but it’s not going to stop me from just heading on down to the next island. Fun fact: Pashmina wants to be a Pro Golfer? (Source)

Island # 13

Island #13, I definitely got my hopes up for this one. Thirteen is the name I like to use for everything because it’s my lucky number and I am a person who is generally unlucky otherwise. So I was hoping my luck would cash me in something big, and I was more than a little disappointed when Gruff came into view. There is something about the way the goats heads are shaped, makes them look really unflattering to me. I don’t think there was any I could find that I would even consider letting on my island. My exhaustion and agitation was starting to set in even further at this point. If it wasn’t for the fossil I found on the island it would’ve been considered a waste of time. Fun fact: Gruff is the oldest of 9 kids? (Source)

Island # 14: Ankha

Island #14 for me, was where I would say everything really began to fall a part. I was clearly super tired by this point to make such a poor decision that I did with the lovely Ankha. I know of Ankha and I always thought she was cute, I just always thought that her style may not be suited for Sirenity. Plus the fact that I found out after the fact that I also knew someone who had really wanted her. If I could go back I would have picked her up, enjoyed her on my island for as long as she was willing and than would have given her up to the friend who had wanted her when the time finally came. But that just wasn’t how my brain worked. Literally my brain went “She’s always frowning, I leave now”, that was it. I am pretty sure she is another one like Marina that has pretty big fan base so please do not kill me for this I realize I pulled a big goof. Fun fact: Ankha is actually named Nile in the Japanese version, and Kleo in the German version. Also she is clearly to good for me (Source).

Island # 15: Coach

Island #15 this is it, Island madness at its finest. I had passed up on two very good and competent choices over the course of these islands. I think it actually made me feel pickier, because now it was about getting worth for my effort. At this point I was only on hour 5 hadn’t hit my first necessary break yet but was already feeling like I was at the end of my line. If I don’t at least get something great to bring home this will have all been a waste of time. Aside for showing my slow decent into insanity for the sake of my Blog. Meet Coach another one to add to the, never gonna touch my island even with a ten foot pole, list. Clearing these islands was taking longer and longer but I did manage to find one of everything on this island, 1 fossil, 1 DIY, and 1 Gold Ore. Fun fact: Coach’s primary skill is eating fast? (Source)

Island # 16: Nan

Island #16, this my friends was the last island I went to before I NEEDED a break. Another goat, I am done with these goats, I want no more of it. Get outta here. I am sure you guys have great personalities but I ain’t having it! On the nice side because of her name I did contemplate it for a tick, as I have Nana on my Island. Which would have been another fun play with Villagers with similar names. Either way clearly the madness goes on so all I brought home from that island was another fossil. Fun fact: She likes her Blue Mountain Blend Coffee, black? (Source)

Island # 17: Sylvana

Island # 17 I had seriously gone into hoping to feel refreshed after taking a short break to eat and calm down a bit. But I wasn’t. Instead I was still a rolling rage ball of pure unadulterated dread. Sylvana seemed nice, seemed like she could’ve been livable but I say no, I no longer no why I say no other than the fact that she isn’t on my list. I am sure there is someone out there I am willing to give up the list for but this is not it. Fun fact: Her favourite song is Spring Blossoms? (Source)

Island # 18: Egbert

Island #18, I think I’ve said plenty about how I feel about Chicken villagers already. Enough that I don’t need to defend my decision to move on as quickly as I could to the next island, clearing out the island spiral and nothing more. These were not the cards I wanted to be dealt Egbert but here you are standing in my space. Fun fact: Egbert has been in every single Animal Crossing game? (Source)

Island # 19: Papi

Island #19, Papi another decent contender that still won’t live up to my unrealistic expectations. You are pretty cool dude, but I got better fish to fry. This island felt the longest to clear, maybe because it was a tower styled island so there was a little bit more land to it, exhausting either way. Fun fact: His first appearance wasn’t until New Leaf? (Source)

Island # 20: Deli

Island #20 gonna be honest I don’t even understand the concept that is Deli. Even upon investigation that’s everything there is to it, a Monkey named Deli. There was nothing exciting about him, or the island for that matter. I was starting to run out of steam. I only have 7 tickets left at this point and my prospects are looking grim. Fun fact: Deli likes less Coffee in his Coffee? (Source)

Island # 21: Canberra

Island #21 at the very least it was a Sister Fruit island, which is Oranges for me. So I was able to get some decent bells out of this island at least. Canberra was not cute enough, not spunky enough, not Sirenity enough. This is where I final began my final push. After this I decided I wasn’t going to waste my time clearing islands, in and out to the point. I was literally starting to run out of daylight hours and I was way past my breaking point as it was. Fun fact: Canberra wants to be a Tennis Player? (Source)

Island # 22: Tipper

Island # 22 I’m not sure what it was but when I saw Tipper I was just so incredibly done. You can’t tell really here and looking back at this now I feel I was unreasonably hardcore about being against Tipper, but I laugh. A more accurate depiction of how I felt at the time however, is this quote from a text I had sent a friend (Small changes to make it more child friendly) “I literally wanna [cry] I am on island 22 with some [ding dong] named Tipper I don[‘]t want no tipping cow! I want Apollo or any other of the 10 other ones I approved myself to accept today I passed up Marina and Ankha already because I am so piiicckkkyyyy”. Suffice to say I definitely didn’t bring Tipper home. Fun fact: In German Tipper’s name is Angela? (Source)

Island # 23: Peck

Island #24 I hardly even thought about this one at all, I saw him and even almost forgot to get his picture for the blog even. He made zero initial impact for me which apparently is the number one criteria for me right now. Sorry, not sorry Peck. Fun fact: Peck’s design was based off a Java Sparrow? (Source)

Island # 24: Becky

Island #24 made me start to think that the game really wants me to head home with a Bird today. Becky is a no from me, just no. Love her colour scheme even love the dress she’s wearing, but no Chickens I can’t do it. Fun fact: Becky wants to be a singer? (Source)

Island # 25: Welcome to Sirenity

I want to start off by saying that this felt like one of those slow-mo romance seeing someone off into the distance. I saw and my fight was over, I saw and I knew everything would be okay, everything would be fine, and everything would be…


Island # 25 with two Nook Mile Tickets left to spare, I found Ketchup. I know Ketchup is a pretty popular one as is but let me explain why even though she isn’t on my list not only am I taking her, she is actually going to be an official permanent resident of Sirenity. The big reason is simply put, I am Canadian. One of the many things that I enjoy that Canada is also decently known for is Ketchup chips, which I loooooove by the way. She’s cute, she’s feisty, and she definitely is everything I would want in a villager.

I wasted zero time informing her of the amazing news, that she gets to move into my Mermaid Paradise. Then I grabbed one last run of bits and bobbles, and finally headed home for good.

Fun fact: Ketchup’s name in the German Version is Pullunda? (Source)

This was an adventure to say the least, this was definitely challenging just based on the amount of time it takes alone. For someone to try and get who they want on their island without time travelling is going to be an extremely time consuming process. Something I did learn this time that I will utilize later on is how little 27 tickets actually got me. I have to work a lot harder to save up a lot more before my next chance to go hunting comes up again. Fun fact: Writing and going through everything I went through from the hunt for the blog, is just as exhausting and time consuming as the hunt itself.

Bye for now~

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