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Dress For A Dress

This week’s Look Book is Event Inspired, outfits for every occasion.

This week’s theme is more of a feature, with dresses being the stars. I wanted to see if I could utilize the fact that I now have a much more expanded clothing inventory. So all the outfits today at least feature one of the many dresses Animal Crossing New Horizons has to offer!


This overall dress was something I only ever dreamed I could own in real life, I used to love wearing overalls as a kid so I wanted to feature this overall dress as a call back to the childish adventurers in all of us! This Outfit consists of: Overall Dress (Red), Tulip Hat (Orange), Bottom Rimmed Glasses (Red), Fishnet Tights (Red), Rubber-Toed High Tops( Peach) and Travelers Backpack (Beige).


Nothing like something that’s just old fashioned and Classsy, this elegant outfit is a great choice for any dress wearer making their way to high tea. This Outfit consists of: Fancy Party Dress (Blue), Beret (Blue), Browline Glasses (Black), Everyday Tights (Blue), and Slip-On Loafers (Blue).

Flower Power

Nothing says Flower Power quite like a Blossom Dress, this dress was fuelled by the outdoors! This Outfit consists of: Blossom Dress (Blue), Zen Hairclip Blue), Oval Glasses (Blue), Vivid Leggings (Blue), and Ballet Slippers (Blue).

Island Peaches

For those who may not know my Island Fruit is Peaches, and my sister fruit is oranges. So in honor of our most sacred peach I elected to centralize the Peach Dress into this week’s Look Book Theme. This Outfit consists of: Peach Dress (Peach), Zen Hairclip (Red), Cucumber Pack, Mixed Tweed Socks (Pink), Embroidered Shoes (Red), and Butterfly Backpack (Event).


My Able Sisters was actually selling the Fox masks the day I decided to work on the Look Book. So I had to make a Kitsune Spirit inspired outfit to run along with it. This was actually my favourite outfit of the day. This Outfit consists of: Ruffled Dress (Black), Fox Mask (Black), Flowery-Dot Tights (Black), Vinyl Round Toed Pumps (Black), and Pleather Shoulder Bag (Beige).


Whether it’s Queen for a day or a Queen for life, it’s never too late to dress like Royalty. This Outfit consists of: Noble Dress (Purple), Handmade Crown (Seasonal), Rimmed Glasses (Purple), No-Show Socks (White), and Leopard Pumps (Purple).


I wasn’t exactly sure what to call this look originally but in the end I elected on calling it what it made me feel, which was refreshed. I ended up liking the Mohawk wig a lot more than I thought I would, I look pretty awesome in it acually. This Outfit consists of: Checkered Jumper Dress (Green), Mohawk (Wig), Bubblegum, Tortoise Specs (Brown), and Strappy Heels (Green).


I wanted to end the day with a more casual dress look, something you could wear out to the park, or even just hanging in the backyard with friends. This Outfit consists of: Sweetheart Dress (Beige), Straw Hat (Brown), Rimmed Glasses (Brown), Everyday Socks (Brown), and Comfy Sandals (Brown).

Bye for now~

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