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June 28th-July 4th

This week was all about getting refreshed as the end of the Wedding Season event gets overtaken by the release of the new Diving update!


June 28th, 2020

So this week was the first week I decided to take a quick break from Daisy Mae, I’ll definitely still let people know If I get any spikes or whatnot. It definitely helped in the decision that the cost of Turnips this week were a whopping 101 Bells a piece. I am at least going to hold out until its under 100 again.

I’ve been getting a constant stream of letters from my Villagers lately even when I haven’t sent them any in return in days. I love these little things though that just creates a more enjoyable Animal Crossing experience.

I don’t know why these two interact with each other so much but I am continuing to love the Renée and Reneigh Dynamic. This week the both of them happened to be involved in my return of a Lost Item I had found.

If I wanted to read into it even more than I should I could comment that where I found the lost bag, was directly across the river from Renée’s. I definitely think these two gal pals are having a great time together. I am actually in the process of relocating the both of them on the island for their own little love nest. (And also because I am just trying to space out my villagers instead of having them all in one spot.

It’s almost over just two more days left of the Wedding Season Event, and I am literally just fulfilling it at minimum capacity. For the first week or two it was mighty fun but now it just really drags on in my time, and what once excited me about heading to Harvey’s now causes me dread. At least the refreshing feeling of this event kept much longer than say the Museum Event did. Either way I’ll keep trying to just get it done so at the end it’ll only have been the one day I missed.


June 29. 2020

After Last Saturday’s Bug Off who could forget our lovely neighbourhood Flick. It was kind of nice to see him so soon since we weren’t able to order and art piece from him during his visit for the Bug Tourney.

So I ran around the island like a lunatic, since I never come prepared for his arrival, in hopes of catching three of something I haven’t already got a figure of to expand my collection. I managed to find three mosquitoes and I must say I thought that he wouldn’t do a bug so small but I guess I wrong, but that still works for me!

Yet another letter to add to my collection, I just can’t get enough of how thoughtful these characters behave.

Speaking of thoughtful I hate to say that it took me until today to figure out that I could throw more parties for them by just inviting villagers into their photos again and activating party mode! I decided it was a little late to get in on something like that so I’ll just stick to plane old photos until the end of Wedding Season Days.


June 30th, 2020

Even Ellie is trying to get back out into the work force, I started back this week and now I am trying to juggle both the job and the blog. So far I’ve been doing okay with organizing my time, but hopefully the love and support of my villagers will help me keep on track. I too wish I could be cook book researcher Ellie, it’s just a dream away.

Kicks was in town today, I can’t remember everything I got exactly on the top of my head but I almost bought one of everything. I also know for sure I got socks with faces on them which I think is totally rad.

Also if you catch your villagers early enough in the morning while you are reorganizing your island, you might get to see them in some cute Jammies!

Last but not least the days end was brought with the closing of the Reese and Cyrus chapter. I may hope that it is not the last that I see of them, but I do want this wedding event out of here, and I can’t wait for all the new and improved stuff coming up in July!


July 1st, 2020

As a Canadian I have to start off by saying Happy Canada Day to all! Despite my busy day having work and some other IRL stuff I had to handle today, I still managed to get a decent amount of content out of my day. Put in some real work on my island as well.

Anyways it wouldn’t be a day in Sirenity without some lovely response letters written by the locals! I had actually sent out the fossil plaque from the Museum event to these four in hopes that I can finally see whether they will hang them up or not.

I also received a slightly alarming letter from Nana.

Which as soon as I read I bolted over to go check on Nana. I talk to her almost everyday, so I wasn’t sure what sprung on the negativity. Maybe it was just the fact that I had just sent out letters to some Villagers and she didn’t make my list? I’m not sure but it was a little heartbreaking, I gave her an emperor butterfly as a gift in hopes that she will forgive me!

Label was actually in my town today as well! It had been so long since I had seen her, I almost forgot that she is one of the rotating guests for the island.

I honestly think she is one of the more fun guests to have on the island. I love these style challenges she does, and I get some real satisfaction when she tells me I hit her theme on the nose. I also just adore her specialty fashion items, especially since she keeps giving me them in purple which is my favourite colour.

I also happened to be the host with most to little Wisp as well! Honestly I am sure if I spent more evening hours playing I would probably catch him around a lot more but lately I’ve been more of daytime player. So I guess going back to work will be a little beneficial as it will force me to have to spend at least some days playing in the Evening.

I feel like the day still would’ve been an A plus day even if that had been all I had gotten today, but I did manage to pull out one more gem from my Animal Crossing Evening. A new game that I was invited to play with Reneigh called Treasure Hunter!

It was actually a little bit challenging since my island is a bit of mess because of the reconstruction I have been working on this week (Which I hope to have finished by later next week). Still loads of fun either way, I love doing stuff with my Villagers makes everything feel much more homely.


July 2nd, 2020

Today was another day of major construction, I have been in the process of adding a bunch of different features to my island that required a lot of Villager relocation.

Some of the feature I am currently working on for the Island:

  • Drive-in Theatre
  • Temple
  • Graveyard
  • Park
  • Maze
  • Diner
  • Sleepover Campsite Area

I even moved Renée and Reneigh so that they could be neighbours now! I thought it was cute they both were at home at the same time when I hopped on.

The only other thing that happened that I would say was noteworthy would be the Golden Slingshot DIY I finally managed to pop out of the sky!

Other than that it was a relatively quiet day, aside from the last minute purchase of a wet suit via Nook Miles, the moment the diving update launched. I am so glad that I was able to catch it early as otherwise I would have had to go all day without being able to try out the new diving mechanics!


July 3rd, 2020

Today is the day! Diving is back and I am as excited as ever to get to it, even if it does mean a major update of my Museum Completion page. I will finish it eventually though! Takes a lot longer doing it the slow way without time travel, but I am trying to use my friends help to the best of my abilities here as well. Speaking of friends there is one thing I should talk about before we “Dive in” so to speak (internally laughing at my own puns).

I had a very special Villager visit my campsite today, this guy is pretty popular among Animal Crossing players, which usually isn’t a deciding factor for me when taking in Villagers. However, I have a friend who requires this Villager for their Island so of course, for the sake of friendship, I started my recruitment campaign.

When I tried to recruit from the campsite the first time, it was a lot easier, although I didn’t end up going through with it because of the Villager they had wanted to replace. Marshal however, said no to me on three different occasions, and I honestly just kept losing his games as well.

I just kept talking and talking to this guy, I was determined to get this guy for my friend. Plus I am sure he will have plenty of his own shenanigans while he’s here on the island that people would love, even if he will be just temporary. I was almost starting to think that maybe I was doing something wrong in the process, or that maybe I didn’t meet certain criteria that he may have required to move to my island. Thankfully he finally said yes, and decided to join my island in Miss Vivian’s place.

I can’t wait for him to join me on the island and I am sure my friend can’t wait until he finally asks to leave it! So let us here at Sirenity enjoy his company while we can!

Onto the diving! I’m going to be honest it took me more than a tick to figure out the mechanics of all this, small things like realizing I can’t have something equipped when I want to go diving.

I even got this wonderful snorkel mask that went well with my diving gear.

As you can see I also had some issues figuring out where the limitations were for exiting the water. Which turns out are a lot, you can jump off from all sorts of place but from what I can tell you really can only come back to land through the sandy beaches.

Swimming with sharks is also a little nerve wrecking. Another fun little note is that I really enjoy the sound effects that they put in, the sound change when going underwater gives me that real swimming nostalgia.

Jumping off stuff is incredibly fun and I can’t wait to look around my island to find some more interesting diving options, I really want to see everything all these new swimming/diving mechanics bring to Animal Crossing.

Ultimate diving highlight was when Pascal handed over my very first Mermaid DIY which was the Mermaid Chair. I can’t wait to start collecting pearls so that I can craft up all these items for my house/island. Can’t have a Mermaid themed island without Mermaid stuff! It’s making me pray more and more that they will bring back the Mermaid house exterior set.


July 4th, 2020

First things first Happy Birthday Apollo! I can’t wait until I have him on my island to celebrate with him, alas I don’t have him yet so for now we sing our wishes to the void. Vivian also officially moved out today in preparation of Marshal’s arrival tomorrow!

I also decided to revamp my look a little, I was getting tired looking at myself so I went more towards what I wish I could look like stance. It is really hard for me to get my hair to do lighter colours properly so I don’t think I’ll ever have the chance to get my hair such a nice shade of purple. I kinda wish they had had a purple eye option as well but that was a no go, so instead I elected for the Ruby Rose look of Silver eyes, another completely unattainable trait. My Able Sisters shop was also selling Magical Dresses I bought ALL the colour variations.

I managed to pick up a little trick as well when swimming! I like to call it coasting, but I was so used to just spamming A to swim that I didn’t realize the fluid swimming you get from just holding it instead. I also found that after I had enough coasting momentum I didn’t have to hold A at all just move myself in the right direction.

So I had been looking for pearls and had no luck at all the day before, but I tried again today with new hopes. I had also heard that the second day you find a scallop for pascal he would gift you a pearl. However at least for me that was not the case.

Now I’m not going to complain as I still got another new Mermaid DIY to add to my collection, but I still had zero luck finding any pearls so I could actually start crafting the stuff. I definitely hope that I will have better luck with it tomorrow.

Coming This Week:

Thanks for reading about the last week with me here is a quick preview of what’s coming to the blog this week!

Sunday, July 5th:(10 am)The weekly Newsletter for June 28th- July 4th (10 pm)Patron Exclusive Monthly Siren Newsletter Issue #1
Monday, July 6th: No Posts Scheduled
Tuesday, July 7th:(10 am&10:15 am)Two New Story Times
Wednesday, July 8th:(10 am)Weekly Tidbit: Island Hopping
Thursday, July 9th:(10 am) Look Book
Friday, July 10th:(10 am&10:15 am) Two New Story Times (Note: Fridays are a wild card day, if I happen to have anything extra I feel like posting by this time during the week it will also be posted on this day)
Saturday, July 11th: No Posts Scheduled

Bye for now~

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