Island Hopping

Whether you are just spending the day Hunting from Island to Island for that perfect Island Resident, or just out and about trying to gather resources among other things. Island hopping is an art, and it’s one with very fulfilling returns.

A fine example of one of these ways of returns, are the bell Islands! Mystery Islands with rocks filled with nothing other than glorious free bells!

This is actually one of my favourite bell Islands to arrive on, as it does require a little bit of knowledge and problem solving. You can go around the whole island and there is only one spot where your vaulting pole is able to reach the money hoard that is in the middle of the island. So you have to destroy one of the money rocks, I definitely recommend getting as many bells out of it as you can before you do.

Obviously make sure everything is cleared out for ease of access for all the bells that are going to pop out. I love when rocks are near edges like this because it makes it easy to get into a sturdy position to get the maximum benefits.

Minimal Effort with major rewards if I do say so myself. It is a random chance to end up on one of these Islands, the only helpful advice that I can give you is to always bring your ladder and vaulting pole when you Island Hop, it is the only way you are getting a chance at ALL the different Island types as some you won’t get if you aren’t even carrying these items.

Another fun Island to visit, is the Bamboo Island. Aside from the shoots you obtain from Daisy Mae, this is the best way to get Bamboo resources for your Island. The island is covered in Bamboo shoots, or if you want just eat some of them and take the whole bamboo trees home with you that way. Either way if you like those zen inspired DIYs you’ll want to either frequent the Islands or add a little Bamboo forest of your own to your island.

Unless you have friends in high places this is one sure way to at least get a little more variety for your Island’s fruit. The sister fruit Island. You only get one option for your mystery Islands aside from your native fruit. My island fruit is Peaches but my sister fruits are Oranges. So I was able to quite quickly build up a bankable orchard. It’s also worth it in bells alone just selling off the premium tropical fruits.

You can get a lot of resources as well as little bonus stuff, like DIYs, furniture Items, and fossils.

You are guaranteed at least 1 DIY walking along the beaches if you take 1-3 Trips on average. There isn’t a maximum from what I can tell though. During a 25 Island Hopping Villager Hunt I was able to find at least 4 DIYs.

You can also give yourself one extra chance to find that one fossil you could be still missing from your museum collection. I was actually able to find 5 during that same 25 Island Hop.

On most Islands (special islands seem to sometimes not have these) you are guaranteed to find 1 furniture item in the trees, now with that also comes with the knowledge that there is also solely 1 wasp in those trees. So always be prepared with your net at the ready.

Of course there is also just going around and grabbing some of the bare necessities like ore!

As well as other goods like wood, sticks, rocks, and weeds. Weeds are actually more beneficial than you might think if you know what you are doing. You can either wait around for Leif to come by to do Island Hopping to use them, or just hoard them in your storage until he shows up. Either way since he buys at a premium it’s beneficial to save all the ones you have collected to sell off to Leif.

You save up enough and it can be a pretty rewarding return.

If you are really lucky while hunting for resources however, you may come across the gem of all gems, gold ore.

Gold ore is a rarity so the fact that the more islands you visit the more you have a chance to find them, means that you really have to keep your eyes peeled. Make sure to smash up every rock you come across while Island hopping. I also noticed a slight trend that if there was no DIYs or fossils on the Island, I more frequently found Gold Ore on those Islands.

However you must also be careful not to end up unlucky while smashing the rocks. Especially when you are able to recruit a villager currently. The villagers have no shame, and will 100% get in your way for no good reason if you aren’t careful.

So there you have it, all the knowledge I have collected so far from my Sirenity adventures in Island Hopping. Hopefully this will have been helpful to people! Feel free to comment about anything you’d like to see from the blog!

Bye for now~

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