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This week’s Look Book is in preparation for a special sleepover event I am holding on my Island this coming weekend!

This week’s Look Book was planned based on an event I’m having in Sirenity this coming Saturday July 18th. I’m having people over on the Island Late at Night for some Games and other fun stuff!

Alien Broadcast

The first outfit’s purpose is actually the reason I am having this event at all. I heard about the secret Alien Broadcast that appears on Animal Crossing T.V. at 3:33am, I figured the best way to motivate me to stay awake that late would be to have some people over for some fun! Nothing like sharing the wonders of Animal Crossing with your friends! So my Alien Broadcast outfit consists of: Caterpillar Costume (Rainbow), Frog Cap (Green), Neon Tights (Orange), and Jester’s Shoes (Purple).

Maze Race

One of the fun games I want to play with the visitors that come by is a Maze Race. I’ve spent a couple weeks working on Sirenity’s very own Hedge Maze. I got my stopwatch ready, for a race to see who can get through the Maze the fastest. With prizes for the top 3 times! My Maze Race outfit consists of: Meme Shirt (Purple), Petal Skirt (Purple), Labelle Cap (purple), Octagonal Glasses (Purple), Embroidered-Flower Tights (Purple), and Hi-Tech Sneakers (Pink).

Movie Time

Of course it wouldn’t feel like an Animal Crossing Sleepover without some Movies with friends. I got my Drive-In all set up in Sirenity, and I am hoping to be able to stream the Animal Crossing Movie with all my friends (I have no Idea how yet so hopefully I figure that out by the weekend). I honestly recommend everyone give it a watch if they have the time. It is only available with English Subs, but still worth it for a short film. So my Movie Time outfit consists of: Space Parka (Purple), Denim Pants (Black), Rimmed Glasses (Black), No-Show Socks (White), and Slip-On Loafers (Black).

Scary Stories

Another fun sleepover tradition is of course some scary stories, I plan on sharing a few I know from my childhood, and maybe some others in the group will have ones to share. I love scary stories, the ones that make your hairs stand on end, and bring you to the edge of your seat. So my Scary Stories outfit consists of: Ruffled Dress (Black), Fox Mask (Black), Fishnet Tights (Red), and Mary Janes (Black).

Scavenger Hunt

Another exciting game to play with visitors a Scavenger Hunt with lots of secrets hidden around the island as well as some traps. This is probably where most of the prizes the visitors will go home with will come from. I’ve been collecting all sorts of things that I’m hoping people will enjoy! So my Scavenger Hunt outfit consists: Detective’s Coat (Brown), Tweed Frilly Skirt (Black), Detective Hat (Brown), Browline Glasses (Black), Fishnet Tights (Black), and Lace-Up Boots (Black).


I doubt there will be any actual sleeping during this sleepover, but it still wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t plan a sleepy time outfit to go with it. My Sleepover outfit consists of: Pajama Dress (Blue), Terry-Cloth Nightcap (Pink), Everyday Socks (White), and Slip-On Loafers (Black).

Tarot Reading

I figure we definitely need some Catrina style fortune telling, some horoscopes, some tarot cards. We’ll get some really mystical information about the future of Sirenity’s visitors. So my Tarot Reading outfit consists: Mysterious Dress (Purple), Mage’s Hat (Purple), Rimmed Glasses (Gold), Lace Socks (Black), and Work Boots (Purple).

Welcome To Sirenity

The final Outfit will ironically be the first ones that the visitors will see. This outfit is the opening for the start of hopefully a great night with friends. I am super excited to be hosting, and I am hoping and praying that everything will work out. I really want people to enjoy my Island experience! So my Welcome to Sirenity outfit consists of: Emblem Blazer (Red), Flare Skirt (Black), Heart Hairpin (Pink), Bottom-Rimmed (Red) Simple-Accent Socks (Black), and Rubber-Toe Hightops (Red).

Bye for now~

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