Hosting an Event/Amiibo Reveals

This week’s tidbit was supposed to be about Hosting an Event, but circumstances changed so instead you get an Amiibo reveal from my latest haul!

So originally this week’s tidbit was going to be a fun look at an event I tried to hold over the weekend. I had a whole bunch of cool stuff planned on my Island and I was really exited to host. But I guess the number one thing to remember when hosting, is that sometimes everything doesn’t work out according to plan. I only ended up having one visitor to Sirenity, and then spent the rest of the night streaming the Animal Crossing Movie in the discord server I am a part of. It was still a nice night but nothing I can really make a whole post about. So instead seeing as yesterday the Amiibos I ordered off Etsy arrived, I would do a reveal instead!

I ended up getting a whopping 28 Cards!

I had been super hoping that my dearest Apollo would have shown up inside but I still got a decent haul. I even managed to get Mathilda one of my Dream Team! I also decided that I want Caroline and Opal for when I start Sirenity South! I really think I do want to try and collect them all though. Maybe even do a proper reveal video in the future! With some giveaways if I ever start making money off everything! Here is the link where I got them if anyone else is interested! (Link)

Either way I know this wasn’t what was expected for this week so I apologize for that, but I do hope you guys enjoy it nonetheless!

Bye for now~

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