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July 19th-25th

This week has us recruiting with Amiibos for the first time as well as a lot of other fun stuff that happened on Sirenity this week!


July 19th, 2020

This week Sirenity starts off with some friendly reminders for the end of the week’s Bug Off, and the upcoming Birthday of our Resident Ketchup! I didn’t end up doing too much today, went and attempted to get my daily scallops for my characters. Seems like some days I get it all going smooth and then other days I’m lucky if I’ll get anything from the day. Except for Milo, for whatever reason Pascal really has it out for Milo. I’m sure I’ve said it before but he is just not letting up.

I bought 100 Turnips just because I felt like it and they were only 94 Bells a bunch. I figure if it’s a loss it’ll at least be a small one. I haven’t had a decent Turnip price in what feels like weeks. Which I am sure is just an exaggeration and just feels that way with the real world work juggling I got going on. Too much real life stuff going, means at least even if I am only jumping on Animal Crossing to do some stuff for the blog I still feel like I am relaxing a little and trying to have fun. Either way it was an alright day in Sirenity.


July 20th, 2020

Sirenity’s first visitor for the week is dear old Flick, and know matter how many times I say “I’ll prepare for him next time” I always forget to set aside the bugs/fish I want models of from him. Plus taking into consideration this was a work day for me, I almost had to go without getting anything. But, somehow by the grace of The Crossing, I scrounged up enough for a lovely Moth model.

Another quick little fun thing, I had a friend gift me some Nova Lights! They are honestly an amazing addition to my Island and I can’t wait until I unlock the DIY for myself because I will totally be utilizing these throughout as much as humanly possible.


July 21st, 2020

At this point if you notice not a lot of photos and info about stuff that happened in the day. It’s likely it was a work day for me. I’ve honestly been lucky that I have had enough energy to keep at least jumping on for a few minutes everyday.

This was actually the first day I came incredibly close to not playing. I kind of thought I had jumped on before I had gone into work because that’s what I normally do. So when I got home for the night exhausted I headed basically directly to bed and it was literally all I could think about. It was like an itch that needed to be scratched and I was so lucky that I had scratched it otherwise I would’ve missed out on Redd’s Treasure Trawler!

I have a hard enough time grabbing all the museum items to be missing something like the Treasure Trawler, so I was really happy I stuck to my gut and jumped on. I always really used to take my time with the Museum as to me it was just something extra fun on the side to try and aim for but I feel like I’ve gotten more stuff than I ever have at least from Redd’s. I was always an irregular player before so unless I was super lucky I never really got to see him. Makes me really happy with all that New Horizons has given us!


July 22nd, 2020

It was really nice to see Gullivarrr today! I made sure to jump on all my characters and dive for his phone so that I can get the maximum Pirate benefits.

On another note, I recently came into some Amiibo cards! One of the ones I happened to get is actually someone on my Dream Team Mathilda. So today I figured I wanted to try out the Amiibo camper summon for the first time, to start the process of seducing Mathilda to join Sirenity.

It was actually quite a bit of fun chatting her up, and then actually making her something that she wanted to bring back with her. When I was given the option to ask her to stay, even though I know full well how long it normally takes, I wanted to make sure Mathilda new my intentions right from the start. I need her in my town, she is a necessity.

Plus I think she is just absolutely adorable.

Not too much else happened other than I had a few friends over on my Island to check it out one last time before I go and change it all up again. My currently layout is just a little too hard to upkeep (going through the maze to pick up sticks was a hassle). So I am planning some interesting and fun new things that I can’t wait to share.

Goodbye my maze, I loved you but it is time for us to move on to bigger and better things!


July 23rd, 2020

Another day, and I had the time so I spared none in inviting Mathilda over once again. I knew I really could take as much time as I wanted to do this, I just didn’t want to wait that long. I would ideally love for me to finish inviting her by the end of the week! So I can keep on looking for my other Dream Team members.

It’s honestly easier and a lot more fun for me to “win” their affection through building souvenirs than it is actually having to “win” at a random chance game.

CJ was also in Sirenity today! Now since it was my day off, I took it as the opportunity I finally needed to actually start hoarding some bugs/fish for models. I even was able to find enough stuff on the first day to request stuff from all my characters!


July 24th, 2020

Today actually felt so incredibly busy on the Island. I had Gulliver, Wisp and Celeste all show up on Sirenity at one point or another today. I was incredibly surprised to see Gulliver as I had just seen Gullivarrr not that long ago. Then when I saw Celeste with my light meteor showers it felt like a double whammy. Even after that I ended up discovering that Wisp was out and about too! But could Pascal show his face for not one but two scallops! NO CAN DO BUCKERINO!

And I even missed some of the meteor shower because I was determined to get Pascal to show up. But after missing a few rounds of stars on top of not seeing him, I was DONE for the night.


July 25th, 2020

Today was the day I finally recruited Mathilda to the Island! It was actually really fun doing the Amiibo route, I kind of thought that it was going to feel a little like cheating. But I stand corrected, I feel like I worked hard to get Mathilda to join the Sirenity community.

Even more than that, I love that I was actually able to select the villager that she would be replacing. I thought it was going to be like regular camper recruitment in that I might’ve had to reboot the game a couple times for her to choose someone I want. Since I did get to choose myself though I finally got the chance to rid myself of Iggly! I haven’t liked him since the moment we started this Island adventure together. Yes Iggly has made lots of lovely memories on Sirenity, but his time here is done.

Today was also the bug off, and happened to be a work day for me which means I basically didn’t participate this time around. At least not to the extent I normally enjoy too. I was able to hop on at least my main character Thirteen and Winter and do one run with them during my break at work. So that I could at least get the Nook Mile Achievement stamp for it. Especially since it would be the very first one for Winter. Milo I am not really worrying about for much unless I ever decide I don’t want him as a camper anymore.

One last amazing thing that happened this week, I finally managed to at least complete the fossils portion of the museum! It’s exciting to finally reach such an accomplishment!

Coming This Week:

Thanks for reading about the last week with me here is a quick preview of what’s coming to the blog this week!

Sunday, July 26th:(10 am)The weekly Newsletter for July 19th- July 25th
Monday, July 27th: (10 am) No Posts Scheduled
Tuesday, July 28th:(10 am)One New Story Time
Wednesday, July 29th:(10 am)Weekly Tidbit: Pascalisms
Thursday, July 30th:(10 am) Look Book
Friday, July 31st:(10 am) One New Story Time (Note: Fridays are a wild card day, if I happen to have anything extra I feel like posting by this time during the week it will also be posted on this day)
Saturday, August 1st: No Posts Scheduled

Bye for now~

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