103 Island Villager Hunt

4 Characters to use, 4 Villagers to choose from, 103 Islands later and had to then hope I’d be Lucky…

I really thought I was ready this time, more prepared than ever before! I had over 60 NMT’s saved up as well as one free ticket available on each of my four characters I thought that would be enough but it wasn’t. Even after I grinded out some more tickets on each of my characters, that wasn’t enough. Even when I had a friend gift me even more tickets I was still left with no one by the end of the day. I had a plan in mind and it may have been my own undoing. I really wanted to at least one of the 3 Villagers left that I need to complete my island setup, only giving myself one exception for a friend. (Tia, Apollo, Margie are the ones I need for my Island and Raymond was the one that I’d still keep for a friend if he came up)

I started with trying to save myself some time, as last time it took me almost the whole day just to get through 25 Islands and as I new this was going to be a long haul I wanted to make sure I got the most of it. I was no longer clearing every Island I touched for the first few Islands I was punching rocks mostly as I was saving up Gold Ore. Once I had enough of the Ore (10 Pieces) I stopped and strictly kept to just checking the villager and moving on to the next Island. Which definitely made it easier this time around both time and stress wise.

I managed to go to 103 Islands and not a single one was one of the four I was looking for. I really only had one real regret and that was Freya who is literally on my Dream list but I wanted to risk the two more hops I had left when I found her to see if I could get the ones I wanted. That far in I really should have just took her home.

It didn’t turn out all bad though, the next day the randomly generated Villager happened to be Lucky! What’s luckier than getting Lucky! Now I really don’t have room to keep him on my Island forever even though I do really want to keep him. Ideally I would like him for Sirenity South but for now I have a friend that should be willing to take him once he decides to leave (which I can basically do whenever I get a campsite visitor next).

So for the sake of saving some time on my part since it was such a large amount of hops I am going to put all the Island Videos/Pics of the Villagers I found, in order, all in one go (not as much info will be given like it was with my last hunt). I’ve said what I needed to say and I guess all that’s left is to try harder to be even more ready for the next villager hunt!

I managed to forget 1 time through all this to get a regular screen cap.

This one made me a bit agitated as Peggy was literally the Villager I was replacing!

So that was the long haul adventure I went on, I used up every single ticket available in my possession and still didn’t manage to bring anyone home with me. It was still a pretty fun experience, I just really hope I find the villagers I need soon. For now though we have Lucky to keep us company!

Bye for now~

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