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August 16th – August 22nd



August 16th, 2020

A start of a new week once again in Sirenity, it’s definitely going to be a short post for this week as I did take a short break from the blog so I have less content. It was nice to take a little time to divert my focus though! As of this week I only need two more villagers to complete my island! Tia and Margie! (Tia is on her way via mail, but I won’t be able to get her until almost October) So now is a decent time to start working on the project I wanted to do from the very start. So the format for the blog is going to change a little bit. Mostly just having less of a deadline for certain things so that I don’t feel so rushed and can work on the extra stuff without stressing about what I NEED to be doing.

On another note it was a fireworks day once again!

I haven’t figured out if there is something super special you can get from Redd so feel free to let me know if there is. I find I keep winning the same stuff I’ve already gotten before, and yeah I liked the balloons but other than that everything is kind of a one off. I thought there would be like firework inspired furniture or something not just a bunch of knick-knacks, this is Redd though his whole character is basically about being unreliable.

Honestly my favourite thing about the fireworks is how the villagers react to it. I’ve never seen them so full of emotions!


August 17th, 2020

TODAY WAS THE BIGGEST DAY. The happiest day in Sirenity as I journeyed off to Beacon to finally recruit Apollo!

Oh man I must have been jumping in my seat while I was recruiting him. I was really wishing I had learned some sort of heart reaction (I still have some to unlock but for some reason they never teach me new reactions anymore). Either way he is on his way and I am literally overjoyed! I’ve had his area on my island mapped out and decorated for awhile now. Right next door to the wondrous Whitney!

In some less exciting news Flick was in town!


August 18th, 2020

Honestly I love Apollo, everything about him. He’s so cool! Even the outside and inside of his house are cool! I can’t wait to start working on His and Whitney’s side romance for my story!

Saharah was also in town selling her infamous rugs!


August 19th, 2020

A wild campsite visitor appears! Dizzy was in my camp today, super cute but not Margie or Tia. I tend to like the Elephant villagers and wolf villagers the most.

Then of course there was Leif. Who I really don’t need anymore in fact my island is still overrun with flowers!


August 20, 2020

This is another one of those days where I did jump on the game but didn’t end up getting any photo content. C.J. was in town, but I wasn’t feeling too great today (even left work early). Although after a good long nap I felt a decent amount better I still didn’t have the energy to do more in the game. I am pretty positive that I may have just had far too many work tacos~


August 21, 2020

Look at this interior design like you are too cool Apollo! So sophisticated!

Redd’s Treasure Trawler was in town for the first time in what feels like years. He really needs to be a once a week thing. It’s going to take me real life years to get all these art pieces otherwise. Especially when he can show up with all fakes.


August 22nd, 2020

Today was the 3rd annual Bug Off for Sirenity! I didn’t want to spend too much time in game today because I wanted to make sure I was fully rested to go back to work tomorrow. But I did jump on all my characters and at least did the one free round of the Bug Off to get the Nook Mile Achievement out of the way at least.

That’s it for another week in Sirenity! Normally this is where I would post the schedule for posts for the week but I won’t be doing that anymore (at least while I still work my real world job) having the deadlines are more stress then they are worth. Be prepared for some new stuff coming your way though because that means I might post stuff earlier than I normally would as well! I’m hoping to at least have a rough draft of the first “Chapter” or two, of the AC story I want to create, done by the end of September! So that the moment I have all the characters I need I can start staging! Feel free to like, comment, share, whatever you can to spread the blog or help me make improvements!

Bye for now~

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