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~Welcome to the one stop shop for all things Animal Crossing. All from my island perspective join me in my battle trying to obtain theme items, get rid of villagers, and complete museum showcases! I want it all and if you didn’t catch it from the name, I want it all… Mermaid style~

Dress for the Week

This week I decided to do one outfit a day for a full week. I tried to use articles of clothing that I received that day from villagers or other gifts. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Bye for now~~Thirteen

Taking a Break

This week’s tidbit is a short but important one! Now for me I definitely don’t mean taking a break from the game but at least I will be taking a break from the blog. Just for this week! Sometimes you need to just take breather and look at what you are doing from another perspective. […]

Dream Suite Post Moved to Friday

My tidbit post for the dream suite is being moved to Friday due to lack of content as I haven’t found anyone willing to share their code with me for the blog. I will be trying again for a Wild Friday post instead. If anyone has any dream suite codes they want to share with […]

July 26th-August 1st

Sunday July 26th, 2020 Since we had another Bug Off this past Saturday, we welcome our Sunday with K.K. Slider. It was a late starting day for me but I at least managed to get the “Stale Cupcakes” song from Mr. K.K. Slider. I didn’t end up having much time for anything else. Time seems […]

Fishing Tourney July 2020

Music Credits: New Life – JayJen & ASHUTOSH Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0Free Download / Stream: promoted by Audio Library Short Trip by Roa Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0Free Download / Stream: promoted by Audio Library Lights by Sappheiros Commons — […]

Island Hopping

Whether you are just spending the day Hunting from Island to Island for that perfect Island Resident, or just out and about trying to gather resources among other things. Island hopping is an art, and it’s one with very fulfilling returns. A fine example of one of these ways of returns, are the bell Islands! […]

Dress for the Occupation

This week’s outfit theme is dressing for the occupation, or in simpler terms, Work Wear. A small collection of outfits inspired by my excitement about finally going back to work! Artist I am going to keep it simple this week.The Artist Outfit consists of: Apron (Purple), Draped Skirt (Purple), Beret (Blue), Octagonal Glasses (Purple), Holey […]

Harvey’s Wind-chime Thoughts~

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Creepy Harvey’s: Look Book Video Example

I head to Harvey’s once a week to do some staging for my Look Book photos because I like to make a scene surrounding all my outfits. As a paying Patron you will have access to these as they become available. This particular one I took because I thought it was creepy that when I […]

Colours of the Wand

This week I wanted to challenge myself to fill my wand with outfits within a certain theme. I tried to keep it pretty simple for the first round and gave myself colours to do as a theme. Feel free to suggest a theme yourself, the next week’s theme will be announced at the weekly newsletter […]

First Wand Looks

Wanted to show off the first outfits I decided to lock into my magic wand! As my fashion tastes changes constantly, this will probably become a weekly occurrence showing off my current styles. For the Week of May 24th-May 30th, 2020 Astrogirl The “Astrogirl” look, this one is inspired by the superhero in all of […]

Trials, Trails, and Sea Shells

Let’s talk about themes here, I’ve seen so many different themes in all my viewings but I always new what I was planning to do. As a regular fish out of water, I just have to do a mermaid theme. Now I’m not talking like cutesy mermaids that frolic and sing and I’m also not […]

Story Time

Vivian and Peggy in: Prince Charming (Note: This is the only non screen for screen convo I put up, I don’t plan to fix it though as I kinda like how it is.)

Welcome To Sirenity

The First 20 Days: It all started on Monday, May 4th, which was unfortunate since I am a huge fan of the Turnip market. Nonetheless even up to the minutes of it’s arrival New Horizons was something that was going to consume my life once again. I literally sat inside staring out my living room […]

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