Look Book

Dress for the Week

This week I decided to do one outfit a day for a full week. I tried to use articles of clothing that I received that day from villagers or other gifts.








Bye for now~

Look Book

Dress Your Villagers

The one thing I love about Harvey’s Island is all the stuff you can put your villager’s in! Want to gift them some clothes but afraid it might not look as good as you think? Check them out at Harvey’s First! I did one look for each of my Villagers, all outfits that I just thought flattered/suited the Villagers.


Turns out Lucky looks looks real snazzy in a leather jacket!


I originally wanted to throw her in something a little darker but Mathilda actually looked a lot better in this lighter classier outfit!


Fun Fact! I actually put this dress on Whitney solely because it reminded me of one of the outfits she wears in the Animal Crossing Movie!


I tried to give Robin more of a ‘Starving Artist’ look and I think she pulls it off really well!


This was supposed to be a simple sailor look but it actually really reminds me of the Ice Cream Shoppe Uniforms from Stranger Things! Either way Ketchup is adorable.


I gave Ellie this really elegant Queen look and man it suits her so well. She is definitely rocking it!


Despite what I see as a very rebellious nature for Renée I actually found that this Homebody look suited her more nicely than anything else I really had.


I was pleasantly surprised that Reneigh was so well suited to one of my favourite witchy outfits! I’d start a coven with her any day!


Just because I am very ready for Nana to leave my Island, she’s been here forever and unfortunately doesn’t make my final cut. I was still able to find a nice soft outfit that suited her! (I am thinking about actually gifting her one of these sweaters before she leaves now since it suits her so well).


Old man Rasher, another Villager I am very ready to leave. As I wasn’t even the one to invite him he just showed up. He hasn’t been terrible for my Island but he is definitely not my style. I did throw him into something I figured was more his style and it definitely suited him well. A nice sporty look!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s look book! If you have any ideas for themes for other Look Books feel free to leave a comment! All suggestions are welcome!

Bye for now~

Look Book

Dress in What You Want

For the next little while, while I’m still doing the work thing like I have been on top of this the Look Books will be a little smaller and simpler, just a few outfits I think look nice. If anyone has theme ideas though for the future feel free to leave a comment!

Just a couple outfits for enjoying your Island with. Hopefully this isn’t a colossal disappointment but I do promise that once I am off work again this will get the attention it needs.

Bye for now~

Look Book

Dress For Umbrellas

I had wanted to do something like this for awhile but hadn’t quite found a decent collection of Umbrellas yet to do it with. Then it took me a little longer to get together because normally I do all my Look Book stuff on Harvey’s Island, but I found out that you can’t equip Umbrellas on Harvey’s Island (unless I am just dumb and somebody knows a way, please feel free to tell me!)

Grape Umbrella

Hopefully it’s not too dark, another reason I prefer doing my Look Book stuff on Harvey’s Island. I stuck to a nice purple colour scheme for my clothing items to tag along with it, making it a very cohesive outfit!

Ghost Umbrella

I couldn’t help but throw on my Mummy costume to go along with Ghost Umbrella, really gives a character some creepy vibes. Would love to hang out with Lucky in this outfit!

Purple Lace Umbrella

The Purple Lace Umbrella was actually one of the first umbrellas I acquired in game. I made sure to throw on my fanciest outfit to go along with it, creating a nice regal look.

Spiderweb Umbrella

The Spiderweb Umbrella is actually the one I am most familiar with from a few of the other games as well. I almost always see Cherry with it and it definitely does suit her style. I put on my most punk outfit to accommodate.

Snowflake Umbrella

I had kind of wished I would consider time travelling because I feel like this outfit would have looked a lot nicer with a lovely winter backdrop. However I agreed to keep it real time all the time and so far I haven’t missed out on much because of that. This was a nice simple winter look!

Fish Umbrella

I love how almost all of the fish stuff just seems to look better at night. Mermaid stuff as well, you get a room with the collection of water related walls and flooring and turn your lights off. At night the light shimmers through the water and it’s just fantastic. This umbrella is no different!

Ladybug Umbrella

I think the Ladybug Umbrella is super cute, it’s the kind of Umbrella that your parents would give you as a kid so you could feel like a grown up with your own umbrella. Gives me some deep nostalgic vibes.

Daisy Umbrella

I tried to go for a bright sunshine look to pair with the Daisy Umbrella because what needs sunshine more than a flower! I think this collective outfit umbrella combo is my favourite! I like that it’s an Umbrella that isn’t actually shaped like a traditional Umbrella, makes it feel more prop like but also more fun.

That is it for this week’s Look Book, I hope you enjoyed and if you have any ideas for types of outfits of Look Book themes you want to see feel free to leave a comment!

Bye for now~

Look Book

Group Outfits

This week’s Look Book is a little different again as I had a bit more fun using all the characters. This time I decided to do outfits that go together for group gatherings! I had so much fun with this one, might do a few more like these. I’m Not going to list the items that I used this time around as I feel at this point the pictures speak for themselves!

Group Dive

The first outfits I did had to be for diving, as I attempt to grab scallops everyday I actually spend a lot of my time staring at these guys in wet-suits.

Mermaids & Pirates

I’m hoping to unlock more Pirate and Mermaid stuff as I deal with Pascal and Gullivarrr. I am much closer to unlocking all the Mermaid stuff than the Pirate stuff though. As Gullivarrr has at this point only visited me twice since his existence came into play.

Magical Transformation

As much as I fully wanted to through JJI and Milo into the Magical Girl Dresses as they are super cute whether you are a Male or Female looking character, I saw the racing suits I just felt they fit better! The entire idea for this week’s look book stemmed from wanting to do Magical Transformation Outfits for the future superheroes of my Island.

I know this week’s was a little different, less informative, more creative outlet. I still had fun making it and I hope you guys still have fun looking at it. I can’t wait to plan out more of these!

Bye for now~

Look Book

Host With The Most

This week’s Look Book was planned based on an event I’m having in Sirenity this coming Saturday July 18th. I’m having people over on the Island Late at Night for some Games and other fun stuff!

Alien Broadcast

The first outfit’s purpose is actually the reason I am having this event at all. I heard about the secret Alien Broadcast that appears on Animal Crossing T.V. at 3:33am, I figured the best way to motivate me to stay awake that late would be to have some people over for some fun! Nothing like sharing the wonders of Animal Crossing with your friends! So my Alien Broadcast outfit consists of: Caterpillar Costume (Rainbow), Frog Cap (Green), Neon Tights (Orange), and Jester’s Shoes (Purple).

Maze Race

One of the fun games I want to play with the visitors that come by is a Maze Race. I’ve spent a couple weeks working on Sirenity’s very own Hedge Maze. I got my stopwatch ready, for a race to see who can get through the Maze the fastest. With prizes for the top 3 times! My Maze Race outfit consists of: Meme Shirt (Purple), Petal Skirt (Purple), Labelle Cap (purple), Octagonal Glasses (Purple), Embroidered-Flower Tights (Purple), and Hi-Tech Sneakers (Pink).

Movie Time

Of course it wouldn’t feel like an Animal Crossing Sleepover without some Movies with friends. I got my Drive-In all set up in Sirenity, and I am hoping to be able to stream the Animal Crossing Movie with all my friends (I have no Idea how yet so hopefully I figure that out by the weekend). I honestly recommend everyone give it a watch if they have the time. It is only available with English Subs, but still worth it for a short film. So my Movie Time outfit consists of: Space Parka (Purple), Denim Pants (Black), Rimmed Glasses (Black), No-Show Socks (White), and Slip-On Loafers (Black).

Scary Stories

Another fun sleepover tradition is of course some scary stories, I plan on sharing a few I know from my childhood, and maybe some others in the group will have ones to share. I love scary stories, the ones that make your hairs stand on end, and bring you to the edge of your seat. So my Scary Stories outfit consists of: Ruffled Dress (Black), Fox Mask (Black), Fishnet Tights (Red), and Mary Janes (Black).

Scavenger Hunt

Another exciting game to play with visitors a Scavenger Hunt with lots of secrets hidden around the island as well as some traps. This is probably where most of the prizes the visitors will go home with will come from. I’ve been collecting all sorts of things that I’m hoping people will enjoy! So my Scavenger Hunt outfit consists: Detective’s Coat (Brown), Tweed Frilly Skirt (Black), Detective Hat (Brown), Browline Glasses (Black), Fishnet Tights (Black), and Lace-Up Boots (Black).


I doubt there will be any actual sleeping during this sleepover, but it still wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t plan a sleepy time outfit to go with it. My Sleepover outfit consists of: Pajama Dress (Blue), Terry-Cloth Nightcap (Pink), Everyday Socks (White), and Slip-On Loafers (Black).

Tarot Reading

I figure we definitely need some Catrina style fortune telling, some horoscopes, some tarot cards. We’ll get some really mystical information about the future of Sirenity’s visitors. So my Tarot Reading outfit consists: Mysterious Dress (Purple), Mage’s Hat (Purple), Rimmed Glasses (Gold), Lace Socks (Black), and Work Boots (Purple).

Welcome To Sirenity

The final Outfit will ironically be the first ones that the visitors will see. This outfit is the opening for the start of hopefully a great night with friends. I am super excited to be hosting, and I am hoping and praying that everything will work out. I really want people to enjoy my Island experience! So my Welcome to Sirenity outfit consists of: Emblem Blazer (Red), Flare Skirt (Black), Heart Hairpin (Pink), Bottom-Rimmed (Red) Simple-Accent Socks (Black), and Rubber-Toe Hightops (Red).

Bye for now~

Look Book

Dress In Character

So this week I am changing it up again since I recently introduced some new characters to me island. These characters were created solely for the purpose of adding more people to enhance the story of Sirenity that I eventually want to write out. So this week we have 2 Outfits for each of our 4 Human Villagers that reside on the island. One look for their everyday around the island look, and another one that corresponds more towards one of the roles the might have in my story! I hope you enjoy!

Thirteen Everyday

Thirteen the character who plans to be the focal point and main character for the story of Sirenity. You’ll find that her everyday aesthetic changes from time to time. This time around however her Everyday look consists of: Lacy Shirt (Black), Gobelin Shorts (Pink?), Wide-Brim Straw Hat (White), Bottom Rimmed Glasses (Black), and Ribbon Sandals (Black).

Thirteen’s Role

I’ve done some versions of this kind of look before, a standard witchy look if you will. Although Thirteen will come to have many other very significant roles on the Island, this is the one that will have started it all. Thirteen originally a solitary witch living in a big city, get’s drawn into the island life by a strange vision calling her there. This iconic look consists of: Mysterious Dress (Purple), Mage’s Hat (Black), Octagonal Glasses (Purple), Flowery-dot Tights (Black), and Vinyl Round-toed Pumps (Black).

JJI Everyday

JJI, my other half, he’s mostly just along for the ride because he knows I want him to be. He rarely even finds the time to jump on the Island, but I appreciate him here nonetheless. As I can still utilize his character even when he isn’t playing! His Everyday outfit, reflective of his simple style, consists of: Chimeyo Vest (Blue), Athletic Pants (Black), Bobby Socks (Black), and Shower Sandals (Black).

JJI’s Role

As JJI himself requested it, his role on the Island is that of a Grumpy Old Man who lives at the top of the hill, on the outskirts of the Island. A hermit if you will, the kind of guy who would tell ‘whippersnappers’ to “Get off his lawn” so to speak. So his insistently grumpy look consists of: Collarless Shirt (Black), Chino Pants (Light Blue), Paperboy Cap (Brown), Everyday Socks (Grey), and Moccasins (Black).

Milo Everyday

Milo, one of the two newest additions to the Sirenity family. Brought in for the purpose of being able to add more characters and depth into my Sirenity story. His Everyday look consists of: Gilet and Shirt (Blue), Cargo Shorts (Brown), Tortoise Specs (Brown), Comfy Sandals (Brown), and a Hard Shell Backpack.

Milo’s Role

Milo’s role on the Island, is mostly aesthetic but at the end of the day he is what he is, a camper. I wanted my campsite to always look like at least someone was there visiting, so Milo is an Explorer who has taken up camp on the Island in hopes of finding new discoveries. Milo’s camper look consists of: Explorer’s Shirt (Blue), Multicolour Shorts (Blue), Explorer’s Hat (Blue), Round Shades (Black), Simple Accent Socks (Blue), Sporty Sandals (Beige), and Traveler’s Backpack.

Winter Everyday

The second of the newest Sirenity recruits, Winter is an interesting new addition. She was named Winter because JJI insisted because my name is Summer and literally suggest we use the name Winter for everything solely because of that. So I did it, whatever it’s just a name, and doesn’t change how her story will turn out. Winter’s everyday outfit consists of: Career Jacket (Pink), Corte Skirt (Pink), Do-Rag (Pink), Labelle Sunglasses (Red), Vivid Tights (Pink), Embroidered Shoes (Red), and Buttefly Backpack (Event).

Winter’s Role

Probably another familiar look to any avid viewers (the like 2 of you), but still an important one. Winter’s main role is the object of mystery for the Island. A Mermaid who lives in secret among the town. With her home hidden in the heart of the Island’s Labyrinth. The Princess of Sirenity’s waters, sent to the Island on a mysterious task. Winter’s mermaid look consists of: Tiara Hair (Wig), Shell Dress (Blue), Fishnet Tights (White), Shiny Bow Platform Shoes (White), and Shellfish Pochette.

Bye for now~

Look Book

Dress For A Dress

This week’s theme is more of a feature, with dresses being the stars. I wanted to see if I could utilize the fact that I now have a much more expanded clothing inventory. So all the outfits today at least feature one of the many dresses Animal Crossing New Horizons has to offer!


This overall dress was something I only ever dreamed I could own in real life, I used to love wearing overalls as a kid so I wanted to feature this overall dress as a call back to the childish adventurers in all of us! This Outfit consists of: Overall Dress (Red), Tulip Hat (Orange), Bottom Rimmed Glasses (Red), Fishnet Tights (Red), Rubber-Toed High Tops( Peach) and Travelers Backpack (Beige).


Nothing like something that’s just old fashioned and Classsy, this elegant outfit is a great choice for any dress wearer making their way to high tea. This Outfit consists of: Fancy Party Dress (Blue), Beret (Blue), Browline Glasses (Black), Everyday Tights (Blue), and Slip-On Loafers (Blue).

Flower Power

Nothing says Flower Power quite like a Blossom Dress, this dress was fuelled by the outdoors! This Outfit consists of: Blossom Dress (Blue), Zen Hairclip Blue), Oval Glasses (Blue), Vivid Leggings (Blue), and Ballet Slippers (Blue).

Island Peaches

For those who may not know my Island Fruit is Peaches, and my sister fruit is oranges. So in honor of our most sacred peach I elected to centralize the Peach Dress into this week’s Look Book Theme. This Outfit consists of: Peach Dress (Peach), Zen Hairclip (Red), Cucumber Pack, Mixed Tweed Socks (Pink), Embroidered Shoes (Red), and Butterfly Backpack (Event).


My Able Sisters was actually selling the Fox masks the day I decided to work on the Look Book. So I had to make a Kitsune Spirit inspired outfit to run along with it. This was actually my favourite outfit of the day. This Outfit consists of: Ruffled Dress (Black), Fox Mask (Black), Flowery-Dot Tights (Black), Vinyl Round Toed Pumps (Black), and Pleather Shoulder Bag (Beige).


Whether it’s Queen for a day or a Queen for life, it’s never too late to dress like Royalty. This Outfit consists of: Noble Dress (Purple), Handmade Crown (Seasonal), Rimmed Glasses (Purple), No-Show Socks (White), and Leopard Pumps (Purple).


I wasn’t exactly sure what to call this look originally but in the end I elected on calling it what it made me feel, which was refreshed. I ended up liking the Mohawk wig a lot more than I thought I would, I look pretty awesome in it acually. This Outfit consists of: Checkered Jumper Dress (Green), Mohawk (Wig), Bubblegum, Tortoise Specs (Brown), and Strappy Heels (Green).


I wanted to end the day with a more casual dress look, something you could wear out to the park, or even just hanging in the backyard with friends. This Outfit consists of: Sweetheart Dress (Beige), Straw Hat (Brown), Rimmed Glasses (Brown), Everyday Socks (Brown), and Comfy Sandals (Brown).

Bye for now~

Look Book

Dress for the Occupation

This week’s outfit theme is dressing for the occupation, or in simpler terms, Work Wear. A small collection of outfits inspired by my excitement about finally going back to work!


I am going to keep it simple this week.
The Artist Outfit consists of: Apron (Purple), Draped Skirt (Purple), Beret (Blue), Octagonal Glasses (Purple), Holey Tights (Purple), and Flower Sandals (Purple).


The Chef Outfit consists of: Chef’s Outfit (Orange), Denim Pants (White), Chef’s Hat (White), Everyday Socks (White), and Pleather Sneakers.


The Clown Outfit consists of: Jester Costume (Green), Jester Cap (Red), Jester Mask (Green),Geometric-print Socks (Yellow), and Cowboy Boots (Brown).


The Detective Outfit consists of: Detective’s Coat (Brown), Denim Skirt (Black), Detective’s Hat (Brown), Round-Tinted Shades (Brown), Fishnet Tights (Black), and Rubbered-toe High Tops (Black).

Office Worker

The Office Worker outfit consists of: Office Uniform (Pink), Flashy Hairpin (Purple), Rimmed Glasses (Purple), No-Show Socks (White), and Slip-On Sandals (Purple).


The Photographer Outfit consists of: Shirt With Camera (Black), Flare Skirt (Black), Paperboy Cap (Brown), Oval Glasses (Black), Flowery Dot Tights (Black), and Business Shoes (Black).


The Pilot Outfit consists of: Flight-Crew Uniform (Blue), Pilot’s Hat (Blue), Rimmed Glasses (Black), Everyday Socks (Blue), and Slip-on Loafers (Blue).


The Waitress Outfit consists of: Diner Uniform (Red), Do-Rag (Black), Browline Glasses (Black), Stretch Leggings (White), and Mary Janes (Black).

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Look Book

Dress For the Occasion

Honestly, I waited until the very last minute to figure out a theme for this week’s Look Book. I just couldn’t think up a theme idea for the life of me; how I was able to grab this one out of thin air I will never know. So definitely feel free to comment any theme ideas any of you have for future Look Books!


Last week was my Birthday! (Click here if you missed the post)That was what mostly inspired this week’s Look Book, and so my Happy Birthday Look consists of: Pintuck-Pleated Dress (Pink), Flashy Hairpin (Purple), Rimmed Glasses (Purple), Embroidered-Flower Tights (Purple), and Embroidered Shoes (White).


Whether it’s the memory of live concerts of the past, or looking forward to live streamed concerts of today, this Concert Look consists of: Skull Tee (Black), Pleather Pants (Black), Paisley Bandana (Purple), Rimmed Glasses (Black), Everyday Socks (White), and Lace-Up Boots (Black).


Costume Party, Halloween Party, whatever floats your boat. Nothing beats dressing up and having fun, this Costume Look consists of: Bear Costume (Pink), Bear Cap (Pink), Dog Nose (White), Pom-Pom Socks (Pink), and Paw Slippers (Pink).


Prom is most girls dreams, I both went and enjoyed prom myself, but it was never a super big thing for me. I do however, still look back on how smoking I was in my old Prom dress, so I guess it’s the memories that count! Anyways this Prom Look consists of: Tango Dress (Purple), Tiara Hair (Wig), Butterfly Shades (Purple), Fishnet Tights (Black), and Strappy Heels (Purple).


I was a huge fan of school until about the age where kids turn into giant rude people (no swearing for me), either way still a pretty stressful environment for a kid. Especially with some of ridiculous rules schools sometime enforce. This “I want to go home, away from home” School Look consists of: Tee-Parka Combo (Blue), Chino Pants (Light Blue), School Hat (Blue), Tortoise Glasses (Brown), No-Show Socks (White), and High-Tops (Purple).


A sleepover with some friends is always a great way to spend the weekend! I loved staying up and chatting as late as we could manage to stay up. I even managed to get a few all-nighters up in my belt, back in the day. Now every vacation with friends feels like one big Sleepover party, that’s Adulthood for you I guess. My Sleepover Look consists of: Rabbit Tee (Blue), Sweatpants (Black), Terry-Cloth Nightcap (Pink), Eye Mask (Black), and DAL Slippers.


I am not married or engaged, nor do I want/need to be. But with Cyrus and Reese in my everyday thoughts, I couldn’t not do a Wedding Event one. I actually had a lot of fun actually staging this one, I even made JJI decide who his Best Man would be. Rasher was his Best Man, and Ellie Was my Maid of Honour. My Wedding Look consists of: Cake Dress (From Wedding Event), Bridal Veil (Wig From Wedding Event), Rimmed Glasses (Brown), Patterned Stockings (White), and Wedding Pumps (From Wedding Event).


This look is actually inspired by the fact that I got the news that I can finally go back to work! I am seasonal worker who’s season started the same day the pandemic did, so I have been going stirr crazy not being able to go. So now I get to get myself back into work mode! My Work Look consists of: Diner Apron (Blue), Denim Pants (Black), Browline Glasses (Black), Lace Socks (Black), and Rubber-Toe Hightops (Black).

Bye for now~