Meet the Villagers

Below is all the information about villagers on Sirenity, or villagers who we wish to join us on the Island. Learn everything, from villagers birthdays to special experiences exclusive to their Sirenity experience. Keep coming back and checking for updates!

On The Island

(Organized by arrival to island)


Island Native (Island Representitive)

Species: Human/Mermaid
Personality: Mythical
Unique Experiences: Having an island that happens to have a rock formation that looks inappropriate (possibly two rocks) seems like a unique experience all on it’s own!
Thirteen is my mini me, in everything but style! I’d never be able to afford the kind of clothes I get to wear in this game, but if I could I would! I think a very authentic representation of myself!

Birthday: June 11th


Island Native (Island Grumpy Hermit)

Species: Human
Personality: Grumpy
Unique Experience: The experience of playing and sharing the island with my significant other is a unique as we only have the switch lite that we have to share between us. We don’t let the fact that we can’t yet play together at the same stop us from enjoying the experience together!
JJI my other half also sporting his online name as well, has elected on being the Island Hermit with his lack of actually playing the game. A grumpy soul instrumental to Sirenity’s blossoming community!

Birthday: May 10th


Island Native (Not Staying)

Personality: Jock
Unique Experiences: (Brain vs. Brawn) (Taste Buds), (Existential Shred), (100 Laps), (Core Muscles),
Iggly although generally a cute villager as well as one of the two companions that joined me on the start of my journey, I find his eyes beady like they are staring into my soul. When the chance arises he will be finding a home away from Sirenity.

Birthday: November 2nd


Island Native (Staying)

Species: Rhino
Personality: Sisterly
Unique Experiences: (Identity Crisis), (#Trendy), (Raisin Bread),
Renée another villager who has been with me from the very start, at first I was unsure whether I wanted to keep her or not, but then I had another villager appear to give her a meaning to my island. That meaning is irony, of having both Renée and Reneigh just isn’t something I am willing to give up.

Birthday: May 28th


The Heart Puller (Undecided)

Species: Monkey
Personality: Normal
Unique Experiences: (Personal Touch), (The Perfect Prezzie), (A Way to Connect), (Midnight Snack), (Personal Touch: Vivian Variation), (Honestly Interesting), (Raccoon of Action), (Book Suggestions),
Nana was the first villager I ever willingly invited to the island, only took me three nook mile island runs to find her! As someone who has more than one person I call Nana in my home life, it does feel like a homeage to them to keep her on the island. I haven’t made a hard decision about whether she will be staying or not, for now she isn’t a priority for leaving. (In fact she did ask to leave once already and I just couldn’t let her leave yet!)

Birthday: August 23rd


The Squatter (Not Staying)

Species: Pig
Personality: Cranky
Unique Experiences: (Old School) (Book Club), (Plan for the Future), (Writing Home), (On Patrol),
Rasher, not even sure where to start about him, he’s not bad and he’s got a cool look to him, but I didn’t invite him, and honestly just not my style of villager that I tend to enjoy. He will not be staying on the island.

Birthday: April 7th


The Fashionista (Staying)

Species: Horse
Personality: Sisterly
Unique Experiences: (Identity Crisis), (Ew Bugs), (Old School) (Party Hard), (Existential Shred), (Core Muscles), (Raccoon of Action),
Honestly I love Reneigh, she is very much the style of villager I tend to enjoy. Her hair is absolutely fab and I’ve never been more jealous of horse. She also happens to have the same name as another villager I have (different spelling obviously), which makes her that much more valuable as a part of the Sirenity community. She also happens to share a birthday with both an Aunt and a best friend of mine!

Birthday: June 4th


The Best Friend(Staying)

Species: Elephant
Personality: Normal
Unique Experiences: (Taste Buds), (Personal Touch), (Fame&Friendship), (Personal Touch:Vivian Variation), (Handsome Nose), (Writing Home), (In The Clouds),
Ellie is a villager I recently acquired thanks to a friend, solely because she is one of two villagers that share names with my two IRL best friends. In high school we were once an inseparable trio so I have to bring it back home to my island! Life is always better experienced with friends! Although she hasn’t been here long she is an absolute treasure to have on the island!

Birthday: May 12th


The Canadian (Staying)

Species: Monkey
Personality: Peppy
Unique Experiences: (Raisin Bread),
Ketchup was found and brought to the Island after Mint moved out. She was the end result of a 25 Nook Mile Ticket Villager Hunt. Ketchup will fit in great here and will be staying on the island indefinitely!

Birthday: July 27th


Island Camper (Permanent Camper)

Species: Human
Personality: Socialable
Unique Experiences: None Yet
Introducing Milo! Our new permanent camper! I wanted to make sure that Sirenity’s campsite always looked like at least someone was enjoying the space. More information about Milo will become available as I develop the story for Sirenity! Stay tuned~

Birthday: December 3rd


The Secret Mermaid (Island Resident)

Species: Mermaid
Personality: Flowery
Unique Experiences: None Yet
Introducing Winter (named at JJI’s request)! Probably going to be one of the most important people in the creation of Sirenity’s story. The Island Mermaid, what this is all about. The one who starts it all on a mermaid magical girl journey! More information will become available for Winter as I figure out the story for Sirenity! So stay tuned~

Birthday: October 13th


The Rebel (Undecided)

Species: Bird
Personality: Snooty
Unique Experiences: None Yet
Robin was a spur of the moment campsite recruit, who was originally just meant to quicken Marshal’s transition to his new home. Upon further inspection I find that I may like Robin as an asset for the island. But I guess we’ll just have to see what future villager opportunities hold.

Birthday: December 3rd


The Nostalgic (Staying)

Species: Wolf
Personality: Snooty
Unique Experience: None Yet
The final piece of the Animal Crossing movie puzzle is Whitney! The Whitney and Apollo dynamic from the movie is basically what I live for! I ship it so hard. This beauty will be the ying to my Apollo’s yang. (If I ever acquire him). I finally got Whitney from my friend’s Island of Beacon. She is such a beauty to have!

Birthday: September 17th


The Heart Puller(Staying)

Species: Kangaroo
Personality: Snooty
Unique Experience: None Yet
Mathilda I always had a love for having in my town because she just happened to be a villager that would randomly show up in almost every one of my games! Plus even though there is a spelling difference I can’t help but think of the movie Matilda every time I talk with her.

Birthday: November 12th


The Lovely Creepy (Not Staying)

Species: Dog
Personality: Lazy
Unique Experience: None Yet
Lucky showed up on Sirenity after a failed Villager Hunt that had me go to 103 Islands without any ‘Luck’ in finding Apollo, Tia, or Margie. Despite the fact that I think he is amazing and will be putting him on my list for Villagers I want for Sirenity South, he will be back off to his original owner in Beacon to end up eventually at his final home on another friend’s Island.

Birthday: November 4th

Dream Team

(Organized be Alphabet)


The Nostalgic (Not yet obtained)

Species: Eagle
Personality: Cranky
Unique Experience: None Yet
Apollo is one of three dream pics I have from watching the Animal Crossing movie as a kid on Youtube. He was also a resident in my very first village on the Gamecube. His cranky on the outside but sweet on the inside personality is just to die for and I wouldn’t be able to live my dream on this island without him.(He belongs to Whitney though <3)

Birthday: July 4th


The Heart Puller (Not yet obtained)

Species: Wolf
Personality: Peppy
Unique Experience: None Yet
Everyone knows the story behind Audie and any animal crossing fan would probably enjoy having her solely because she represents something so wholesome! Not to mention she is just an incredibly beautiful designed character! I hope I will be playing animal crossing into my old age, and long after.

Birthday: August 31st


The Fashionista (Not yet obtained)

Species: Wolf
Personality: Snooty
Unique Experience: None Yet
I tend to like the Wolf species a lot for villagers, Freya would be a fun addition to the island as one of my parents’ dogs is named Freya, mostly though I just think she’s a cutie!

Birthday: December 14th


The Nostalgic (Not yet obtained)

Species: Elephant
Personality: Normal
Unique Experience: None Yet
Margie is the second of the three villagers I wanted from the Animal Crossing Movie, I loved her friendship with Ai and her aspirations to become a fashion designer has made her a must have, the only game I managed to have her in was Wild World but I am hoping that I’ll be able to add New Horizons to that list!

Birthday: January 28th


The Heart Puller (Not yet obtained)

Species: Cub
Personality: Lazy
Unique Experience: None Yet
I first met stitched playing Wild World, just the look of him had me enticed. All patched up like an old well loved teddy bear. Another top contender in my heart for favourite villagers of all time.

Birthday: February 10th


The Best friend (Not yet obtained)

Species: Elephant
Personality: Normal
Unique Experience: None Yet
Tia is the second in the best friend collection, as my campground representative in pocket camp, I wouldn’t have it any other way anyways. She also happens to be my number one favourite animal crossing character throughout time!

Birthday: November 18th


(Organized by Order of Departure)


The Survivalist (Departed May 25th, 2020)

Species: Lion
Personality: Smug
Unique Experience: None Yet
Klaus was my mandatory campsite recruit, I waited for three days hoping someone else would show up instead before I read online how I didn’t have a choice. He thankfully has since moved out of town and replaced by the wonderful Ellie!

Birthday: March 31st


The Fashionista (Departed June 24th, 2020)

Species: Squirrel
Personality: Snooty
Unique Experiences: (Brain vs Brawn) (Party Hard), (Honestly Interesting),
Mint was someone I’ve grown to enjoy over time in my town, she ended up reminding me a bit of a friend. Definitely had no interest in her in the beginning but watching her interact with the other villagers has been interesting. However I will not be keeping this cutie on my island. It was with a sad heart that I accepted her request to move from the Island on June 22nd, 2020. I will be going on a mystery island hunt for my replacement ASAP.

Birthday: May 2nd


The Fashionista (Departed July 4th, 2020)

Species: Wolf
Personality: Snooty
Unique Experiences: (Prince Charming) (Ew Bugs), (Peggy For A Day), (A Way to Connect), (Smell Ya Later),
Vivian was the last visitor I recruited to max out the villagers on my island. I love her attitude and style. She didn’t stand out a whole lot in the beginning, but she was a wonderful Villager to have on the island. We saw her leave at the request of Marshal, a popular Villager I grabbed for a friend.

Birthday: January 26th


The Passerby (Departed July 10th, 2020)

Species: Squirrel
Personality: Smug
Unique Experiences: None Yet
Marshal was obtained through the campsite! He was just on the Island for a short visit until I could send him off to my friend’s Island, Beacon. I am sure he will be happy there and we hope that his transition to there from Sirenity, was the most pleasant of experiences!

Birthday: September 29th


The Nostalgic (Departed July 16th, 2020)

Species: Squirrel
Personality: Lazy
Unique Experiences: (Munchy-fact-ed) (Plan for the Future), (Handsome Nose), (100 Laps), (Smell Ya Later), (In The Clouds), (Don’t Forget the Lyrics), (Book Suggestions),
Filbert, is a blast from my past that I feel pretty neutral about, he was one of the villagers I had as resident on my New Leaf town. I don’t really feel strongly enough about him as a character other than his ties to older games. He will not be staying on the island

Birthday: June 3rd


The Fashionista (Departed August 2nd, 2020)

Species: Pig
Personality: Peppy
Unique Experiences: (Prince Charming) (#Trendy), (Fame&Friendship) (Book Club), (Peggy For A Day), (The Perfect Prezzie), (Munchy-fact-ed), (Midnight Snack), (On Patrol), (Don’t Forget the Lyrics),
Peggy is a villager of circumstance, I needed to fill up the island fast (in hopes that K.K. would soon follow) and this cutie showed up literally my next nook mile island visit after getting Nana, as an early game impulse choice she has still been a wonderful addition to the village, unfortunately as I have a lot of villagers I want to be on this piece of pie, she won’t be making the long run cut.

Birthday: May 23rd

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