Sirenity: Newsletter

August 23rd-August 29th


August 23rd, 2020

Another Sunday in August means another fireworks show! It also just so happens to be Nana’s Birthday today! Exciting news all around, although that does mean that poor Nana is stuck indoors not being able to join in with the fireworks festivities. She may not be a permanent resident for Sirenity but I was glad I had her long enough to celebrate her Birthday with her here on the island. Hopefully she doesn’t take it the wrong way but after that she really needs to leave.

I do have to say that ever since the fireworks stuff I find Daisy Mae scarce on my island. Maybe it’s because I’ve been starting my Animal Crossing Day later as I have work in the morning but I haven’t been able to find her what feels like almost the whole month. For once I was kind of in the mood for it too but I wasn’t going to waste hours looking for her, but I did spend more than a half hour scouring my island with high hopes.

Gonna be honest, I don’t really enjoy fireworks that much in real life. Not a huge fan of loud abrupt noises and so that tends to come along with the whole package. So normally when I do have to deal with it, I have to wear headphones and blare my music. Fireworks are always pretty though, no matter how loud and abrupt they may be.


August 24th, 2020

I gotta say today did not feel like a Monday. The fact that K.K. Slider was in town today definitely didn’t help. With all the commotion of the last few days I barely noticed his absence even though I tried so hard to get him to begin with. There he was, and I am glad he was because honestly he was the only highlight of the day.


August 25th, 2020

Gullivarrr made an appearance today I didn’t have the time for everyone on the Island to do the whole spiel but I always have an extra moment to do it on my main character, she’s the star of the show after all.

In other news I went on a friendly mission to improve villager relations on my island by helping with a delivery!


August 26th, 2020

Apollo literally makes me the happiest person on the planet, next to Whitney that is, he’s already fitting in quite nicely. I am working hard on making their whole areas like a love nest! I really hope that I can catch them interacting with each other. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter TOO much as I can just hop over to Harvey’s and make it happen!

With Whitney still in mind, she decided that she wants to give me a new nickname that I really hope never catches on, Swanky.

For some reason I am always compelled to say yes, maybe it’s because I hardly had any nicknames in my childhood, didn’t get any until I made some interesting friends in highschool.


August 27th, 2020

It seems that these days Gullivarrr and Gulliver come hand in hand. I don’t think I have had a single week where if I saw one I didn’t see the other soon after. So of course today was Gulliver’s turn to stop on by.

He’s so peaceful when he’s sleeping.


August 28th, 2020

Label was in town today, I won’t be showing off the outfit I chose though since I plan to feature it in my next Look Book that I’m just finishing up. But I was able to get I nice new Labelle hat out of it!


August 29th, 2020

I SAW THEM FISHING TOGETHER OMG!!! This was literally the highlight of my whole week! It was the heart pond and everything! With that little side glance from Whitney I couldn’t help but snap a picture of this literally perfect moment.

And as if the mood couldn’t be anymore set for the lovebirds K.K. Slider’s song for the night, may not have been Love Song, but it was K.K. Soul. I perfect way to end the night with these soul mates! I can’t wait to see what more I can get from my island as well as these two lovebirds!

Bye for now~

Look Book

Dress For the Occasion

Honestly, I waited until the very last minute to figure out a theme for this week’s Look Book. I just couldn’t think up a theme idea for the life of me; how I was able to grab this one out of thin air I will never know. So definitely feel free to comment any theme ideas any of you have for future Look Books!


Last week was my Birthday! (Click here if you missed the post)That was what mostly inspired this week’s Look Book, and so my Happy Birthday Look consists of: Pintuck-Pleated Dress (Pink), Flashy Hairpin (Purple), Rimmed Glasses (Purple), Embroidered-Flower Tights (Purple), and Embroidered Shoes (White).


Whether it’s the memory of live concerts of the past, or looking forward to live streamed concerts of today, this Concert Look consists of: Skull Tee (Black), Pleather Pants (Black), Paisley Bandana (Purple), Rimmed Glasses (Black), Everyday Socks (White), and Lace-Up Boots (Black).


Costume Party, Halloween Party, whatever floats your boat. Nothing beats dressing up and having fun, this Costume Look consists of: Bear Costume (Pink), Bear Cap (Pink), Dog Nose (White), Pom-Pom Socks (Pink), and Paw Slippers (Pink).


Prom is most girls dreams, I both went and enjoyed prom myself, but it was never a super big thing for me. I do however, still look back on how smoking I was in my old Prom dress, so I guess it’s the memories that count! Anyways this Prom Look consists of: Tango Dress (Purple), Tiara Hair (Wig), Butterfly Shades (Purple), Fishnet Tights (Black), and Strappy Heels (Purple).


I was a huge fan of school until about the age where kids turn into giant rude people (no swearing for me), either way still a pretty stressful environment for a kid. Especially with some of ridiculous rules schools sometime enforce. This “I want to go home, away from home” School Look consists of: Tee-Parka Combo (Blue), Chino Pants (Light Blue), School Hat (Blue), Tortoise Glasses (Brown), No-Show Socks (White), and High-Tops (Purple).


A sleepover with some friends is always a great way to spend the weekend! I loved staying up and chatting as late as we could manage to stay up. I even managed to get a few all-nighters up in my belt, back in the day. Now every vacation with friends feels like one big Sleepover party, that’s Adulthood for you I guess. My Sleepover Look consists of: Rabbit Tee (Blue), Sweatpants (Black), Terry-Cloth Nightcap (Pink), Eye Mask (Black), and DAL Slippers.


I am not married or engaged, nor do I want/need to be. But with Cyrus and Reese in my everyday thoughts, I couldn’t not do a Wedding Event one. I actually had a lot of fun actually staging this one, I even made JJI decide who his Best Man would be. Rasher was his Best Man, and Ellie Was my Maid of Honour. My Wedding Look consists of: Cake Dress (From Wedding Event), Bridal Veil (Wig From Wedding Event), Rimmed Glasses (Brown), Patterned Stockings (White), and Wedding Pumps (From Wedding Event).


This look is actually inspired by the fact that I got the news that I can finally go back to work! I am seasonal worker who’s season started the same day the pandemic did, so I have been going stirr crazy not being able to go. So now I get to get myself back into work mode! My Work Look consists of: Diner Apron (Blue), Denim Pants (Black), Browline Glasses (Black), Lace Socks (Black), and Rubber-Toe Hightops (Black).

Bye for now~