Taking a Break

This week’s tidbit is a short but important one!

Now for me I definitely don’t mean taking a break from the game but at least I will be taking a break from the blog. Just for this week! Sometimes you need to just take breather and look at what you are doing from another perspective.

Some things you can do to still fulfill your Animal Crossing needs, if you also need a break are:

+ Watch some inspirational videos to get new island ideas

+ Try to obtain more knowledge about tips and tricks you can find in the game

+ Enjoy a stream on YouTube or Twitch (I highly recommend NintenTalk if you don’t already watch his videos)

+ Make a plan! (For me specifically I want to take this break to work on my story for Sirenity!)

At the end of the day the important thing is that you are supposed to enjoy the game! Sometimes that means you have to take a break and come back to fully appreciate it again!

Hopefully this tidbit is helpful and if you have any ideas for future Tidbits feel free to leave a comment! (Like seriously anyone feel free to comment)

And please note that this means there will be no look book tomorrow!

~Bye For Now

Thirteen Summers~