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Suite Dreams~

So after the release of Luna and the Dream Suites I finally managed to get the time to actually head out to a couple islands to finally check it out. Before I get started on the Island I have a couple of helpful links to share!

The first link I want to share is just a little informational video about the second link and tool that I will also be sharing. This is all about a Dream Suite code randomizer for those (like myself) who are having a hard time find new Dream Suite Islands to go and visit. So the video link is here. Then the second link I have for you is obviously the Random Dream Code Tool website, which is very fun and simple to use, I used it for two out of the three Islands I will be talking about today! That link is right here.

The First Dream

Island Name: Nebelfeld
Dream Suite Code: 4111-4893-0029

Flag: (I didn’t get a good picture of this flag because I didn’t think to do it until my next Island but you can still kind of see it here)

Exploring the Island:

I thought this Island was actually super cute and I found a few things that I hadn’t seen in game yet that I now will be trying avidly to find. I do wish that I could’ve found a ladder or vaulting pole though as there were some areas that I was unable to reach without them. Overall I think it was a lovely Island for my first visit! My favourite area on this Island definitely had to be the picnic beach area it was adorable and I actually hadn’t seen that picnic stuff before!

The Second Dream: A Friendly Return

Island Name: Spirit
Dream Suite Code: 3922-0290-4105


Exploring the Island:

So this Island actually belongs to one of my friends and she did it all up extra special just so I could get some content for the blog! I was able to get a lot more pictures as I have been there many times before and at least a general idea of where stuff would be. My all time favourite areas on this Island though are the dedicated Villager areas for Lucky and Tangy. For Lucky she has a nice Black and Gold Rose garden just off to the side and then a very aesthetically pleasing graveyard well suited to him. Then Tangy has an orange flower garden as well as he own Arowana Band out front of her house. There are so many other things I love about her Island as well, like the stargazing areas and her secret beach area where she has her moon is just perfect in my book. Feel free to check it out for yourselves!

The Final Dream

Island Name: Luckito
Dream Suite Code: 6313-7171-8098


Exploring the Island:

I had a tonne of fun exploring this Island. They had some pretty solid Villagers and it definitely felt like there was a lot more going on beneath the surface. Like with the slightly unsettling beak area at the Residence Services. I also really liked their house particularly this room:

I feel like it’s probably some sort of reference to something like I was reminded a bit of Forest Gump in some areas but that could just be me. The bulletin board post that I saw though is what makes me think that I am probably just missing the reference. It was an amazing island to visit my favourite areas aside from the house had to have been all the homemade bridges they had on their Island!

I can’t wait to see what more Dream Suite has to offer me in the future. If this gets enough views/likes/comments I will definitely try to make Dream Suite posts a regular thing. It’s a great way to find new ideas and not have to worry about whether someone visiting might be a not so nice visitor. The safety of the Dream Suite is pretty amazing. Once I finish up a few things I will definitely be posting my own Dream Suite code to share (I will most likely also offer that code up to the Random Dream Code Tool as well). Thanks for taking your time to check it out with me!

Bye for now~


Dream Suite Post Moved to Friday

My tidbit post for the dream suite is being moved to Friday due to lack of content as I haven’t found anyone willing to share their code with me for the blog. I will be trying again for a Wild Friday post instead. If anyone has any dream suite codes they want to share with me and show up in the post feel free to leave a comment! Or share the blog with someone who you think would be an awesome visit!

Thanks for your time guys~

Thirteen Summers ~

Sirenity: Newsletter

July 26th-August 1st


July 26th, 2020

Since we had another Bug Off this past Saturday, we welcome our Sunday with K.K. Slider. It was a late starting day for me but I at least managed to get the “Stale Cupcakes” song from Mr. K.K. Slider. I didn’t end up having much time for anything else. Time seems to be running thin for me with the Work/Animal Crossing balance, but I am doing my best to make do, as I don’t really have much of a choice in the matter. I do really enjoy spending my time on the Blog though. It can be a nice way for me to de-stim after a long day.


July 27th. 2020

Happy Birthday to Ketchup today! I spared no expense in getting her what I thought would be the perfect gift expertly wrapped to perfection. She seemed to like it so I must have at least done a semi-decent job on it.

Today is also the day that Mathilda finally moves in from the campsite!

I am literally overjoyed having her as my newest addition to the Island, I can’t wait to complete my whole villager list for Sirenity! Only 3 more villagers left until I have everyone I need to start working on what I need to work on. Hopefully I can nab some more expressions from my villagers before then as well. I want to have access to as much as possible before I start making my comic. Speaking of Dream Villagers though, I paid one a visit the other day on my friend’s Island Spirit, unfortunately they couldn’t nab Apollo for me (and of course you still can’t recruit from friends campsites), but I at least when on by to go see him. I could really stare at him all day.


July 28th, 2020

Another slower day in Sirenity, I hopped on for probably an hour. Just said hello to a few villagers and chatted with Leif for a tick before calling it a day.


July 29th, 2020

I got the cutest new nickname from Nana, I could definitely get used to being called Cupcake.

I also happened to have Redd in town today! I love that I have seen him at least a tad bit more frequently than I have in the past.


July 30th, 2020

I didn’t have any codes to try out the Dream Suite experience with but I definitely made sure to introduce myself to Luna right away. The moment the trailer dropped for the new update I had been waiting in anticipation. I got to say even though I haven’t been able to fully utilize it yet, I am in love with at the very least the aesthetic that is the Dream Suite. If anyone has a Dream Suite code they want to share, feel free to comment I would love to check it out! Maybe even review a few people’s islands!

Label also happened to be visiting Sirenity this week so I popped in to do her little style challenge before the day was through.


July 31st, 2020

With July coming to end so does Peggy’s residency here in Sirenity, we’ve had a lot of fun with her during her time here but it’s time that we move on to bigger and better things. I am really excited to do another villager hunt for you guys soon! Ideally based on where Peggy’s plot is located I’d want to find Tia to go in her Place but I will also be content with Margie or Apollo, I will not, however, be settling for any less than those three. I have been hoarding Nook Mile Tickets for awhile and I even put out some feelers in Discord groups that I am apart to see if I can acquire some more before hunting time. I am determined to be better prepared for this next run based on my experience with the last one.

Saharah was in Sirenity visiting again, and of course by now you guys all know my drill. I bought one of everything and got an extra mystery flooring with the Saharah Tickets.

Today I also ran into a problem, a problem I had been trying to avoid all week actually. I recently noticed how full my storage space was getting at around 1500/1600 items. It honestly doesn’t even feel like I have that much stuff in storage but the numbers don’t lie. Eventually today it finally happened.

Despite the fact that I have my house packed with as much furniture I can manage while still being able to actually navigate my home. Despite my Island also housing a tremendous amount of furniture items that had once been in my storage. Despite all my best efforts, and it doesn’t feel good. It makes me feel like I am missing out because I have to focus on organizing and reorganizing to make everything fit the way you want to. Now that I have more characters I can start the process of trying to transfer/disperse some of those items, but if you were just a single player and didn’t want all the extra characters, it’s hardly possible to get a decent collection all on your own with that amount of space. I want more storage space, even if it were to mean spending more Nook Miles or something to obtain it. My house is maxed out and I have all the current pocket organizing enhancements, and it’s not enough. Hopefully they offer us something for this in the future.


August 1, 2020

We end the week on another quiet note as I spent most of my time just making preparations for my Villager Hunt to replace Peggy tomorrow.

She will be dearly missed but I can’t wait to see what the next month in Animal Crossing will look like!

Coming This Week:

Thanks for reading about the last week with me here is a quick preview of what’s coming to the blog this week!

Sunday, August 2nd:(10 am)The weekly Newsletter for July 19th- July 25th
Monday, August 3rd: No Posts Scheduled
Tuesday, August 4th: No Posts Scheduled
Wednesday, August 5th:(10 am)Weekly Tidbit: Villager Hunt #2
Thursday, August 6th:(10 am) Look Book
Friday, August 7th:(Note: Fridays are a wild card day, if I happen to have anything extra I feel like posting by this time during the week it will also be posted on this day)
Saturday, August 8th: No Posts Scheduled

Bye for now~