Sirenity: Newsletter

August 2nd – August 8th


August 2nd, 2020

This week really starts off with a bang with our very first Fireworks show! Before we get to that though, it was also the day I spent going to 103 Islands in search of Apollo, Tia, or Margie to replace Peggy. If you read the post you will know I didn’t go home with any of them.

Even though I even saved the free Nook Mile Tickets for Winter and Milo specifically so that I would have an extra bonus when looking but I still got nothing! So I’ll find out tomorrow what Random villager ends up in her place.

Anyways back to the fireworks, I had a lot of fun putting in custom designs for the show. Especially since I had images of all the villagers I want/have that made it perfect. I also made a few up specifically for the show (a mermaid and a clam shell that fit well with Sirenity’s theme).

Overall it was a great time just seeing the villagers reacting to everything and having a good time! I can’t wait for the next show!


August 3rd, 2020

The first thing I did when I woke up was check to see who was going to be invading my town for a little while. I was Lucky enough to get Lucky!! I actually really enjoy Lucky but as much as I like him I don’t have room for him to stay permanently on my Island. Ideally I’d love to have him for whenever I get/start Sirenity South but I also have a friend who wants him so for now this Lucky will go to them. (Turns out it’ll be a trade for Apollo though!!!!!)

Flick was also in town today thankfully I was prepared for once and immediately handed over my Alexandria Butterflies so that he could make me that beautiful model!


August 4th, 2020

Welcome to Sirenity, Lucky! You will only be here a short while but we will definitely enjoy every minute of it.

Also fun fact Lucky also informed me that he is originally from my friend’s island Beacon! I thought that was a fun thought!

I also managed to lend a helping hand to Ellie today, she wanted to improve her friendship with Whitney (like who wouldn’t?) and I was just the gal for the job!

Gullivarrr was also in town today, I love that I am seeing this beaked fellow a lot more often, him or his lesser counterpart. Both Gulliver and Gullivarrr talk about having a full crew I always wondered who, and what, kind of animals were always taking care of these goons. It would be really cool to see something for it in the future!


August 5th, 2020

I couldn’t miss an opportunity to visit our newest villager again he is literally so creepy, which to me translates as absolutely adorable!

Leif was also in town today, though I didn’t play a whole lot as work is a thing I do outside of the blog. But we did have a little chat after I checked on my Island before I went to bed.


August 6th, 2020

I had absolutely zero interest in today’s Campsite visitor. Not my type in the slightest. Thankfully my friend wasn’t quite ready for Lucky’s arrival yet so I didn’t have to force this guy in to get Lucky to his rightful owner.

I spent some time with C.J. today as he was hanging around my Island. Finished his seaports challenge like it was nothing, but it was of course still ridiculously fun.


August 7th, 2020

I find it amazing that so far every time I’ve had a week with Gullivarrr, I will also get Gulliver in that week. I don’t know if this will always be the case but that’s my experience with it so far, and I am by no means complaining. I almost always forget to jump on all my other characters to help him out though. I would probably have a lot more cool Gulliver/Gullivarrr items if I did. I’m pretty sure I’ve only remembered to do it once since I’ve started playing.


August 8th, 2020

I swear I played today, I even have pictures but all the pictures I managed to get will be needed elsewhere. Not that I can’t post the same image more than once, but the ones that I got would be spoiling future stuff. I managed to finally catch my Villagers talking to each other again, it honestly has been weeks! To the point where I actually ran out of story times. Even though I managed to get one new story time I’m still holding off at least this week maybe more until I can build up a little bit of a collection again. Or if I can fast track getting my Island complete (just need 3 villagers) I can start working on my own story times. Which brings me to my final thought for the day.

I plan to start time travelling, probably starting tomorrow. I feel at this point I’ve done all the major game stuff without doing it and now it’s just about experiencing the fun. Plus the fact that gives me the opportunity to hopefully get my Island done quicker so I can start what I want to do. I want it noted that I went from May 4th, 2020 the day I first opened the game, all the way to August 9th, 2020 before time travelling for the first time! Hopefully you guys don’t hate me for this but I do feel it will be better for the content I want to create in the long run.

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Sirenity: Newsletter

July 26th-August 1st


July 26th, 2020

Since we had another Bug Off this past Saturday, we welcome our Sunday with K.K. Slider. It was a late starting day for me but I at least managed to get the “Stale Cupcakes” song from Mr. K.K. Slider. I didn’t end up having much time for anything else. Time seems to be running thin for me with the Work/Animal Crossing balance, but I am doing my best to make do, as I don’t really have much of a choice in the matter. I do really enjoy spending my time on the Blog though. It can be a nice way for me to de-stim after a long day.


July 27th. 2020

Happy Birthday to Ketchup today! I spared no expense in getting her what I thought would be the perfect gift expertly wrapped to perfection. She seemed to like it so I must have at least done a semi-decent job on it.

Today is also the day that Mathilda finally moves in from the campsite!

I am literally overjoyed having her as my newest addition to the Island, I can’t wait to complete my whole villager list for Sirenity! Only 3 more villagers left until I have everyone I need to start working on what I need to work on. Hopefully I can nab some more expressions from my villagers before then as well. I want to have access to as much as possible before I start making my comic. Speaking of Dream Villagers though, I paid one a visit the other day on my friend’s Island Spirit, unfortunately they couldn’t nab Apollo for me (and of course you still can’t recruit from friends campsites), but I at least when on by to go see him. I could really stare at him all day.


July 28th, 2020

Another slower day in Sirenity, I hopped on for probably an hour. Just said hello to a few villagers and chatted with Leif for a tick before calling it a day.


July 29th, 2020

I got the cutest new nickname from Nana, I could definitely get used to being called Cupcake.

I also happened to have Redd in town today! I love that I have seen him at least a tad bit more frequently than I have in the past.


July 30th, 2020

I didn’t have any codes to try out the Dream Suite experience with but I definitely made sure to introduce myself to Luna right away. The moment the trailer dropped for the new update I had been waiting in anticipation. I got to say even though I haven’t been able to fully utilize it yet, I am in love with at the very least the aesthetic that is the Dream Suite. If anyone has a Dream Suite code they want to share, feel free to comment I would love to check it out! Maybe even review a few people’s islands!

Label also happened to be visiting Sirenity this week so I popped in to do her little style challenge before the day was through.


July 31st, 2020

With July coming to end so does Peggy’s residency here in Sirenity, we’ve had a lot of fun with her during her time here but it’s time that we move on to bigger and better things. I am really excited to do another villager hunt for you guys soon! Ideally based on where Peggy’s plot is located I’d want to find Tia to go in her Place but I will also be content with Margie or Apollo, I will not, however, be settling for any less than those three. I have been hoarding Nook Mile Tickets for awhile and I even put out some feelers in Discord groups that I am apart to see if I can acquire some more before hunting time. I am determined to be better prepared for this next run based on my experience with the last one.

Saharah was in Sirenity visiting again, and of course by now you guys all know my drill. I bought one of everything and got an extra mystery flooring with the Saharah Tickets.

Today I also ran into a problem, a problem I had been trying to avoid all week actually. I recently noticed how full my storage space was getting at around 1500/1600 items. It honestly doesn’t even feel like I have that much stuff in storage but the numbers don’t lie. Eventually today it finally happened.

Despite the fact that I have my house packed with as much furniture I can manage while still being able to actually navigate my home. Despite my Island also housing a tremendous amount of furniture items that had once been in my storage. Despite all my best efforts, and it doesn’t feel good. It makes me feel like I am missing out because I have to focus on organizing and reorganizing to make everything fit the way you want to. Now that I have more characters I can start the process of trying to transfer/disperse some of those items, but if you were just a single player and didn’t want all the extra characters, it’s hardly possible to get a decent collection all on your own with that amount of space. I want more storage space, even if it were to mean spending more Nook Miles or something to obtain it. My house is maxed out and I have all the current pocket organizing enhancements, and it’s not enough. Hopefully they offer us something for this in the future.


August 1, 2020

We end the week on another quiet note as I spent most of my time just making preparations for my Villager Hunt to replace Peggy tomorrow.

She will be dearly missed but I can’t wait to see what the next month in Animal Crossing will look like!

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Sirenity: Newsletter

July 12th-July 18th


July 12th, 2020

I started the day pretty aggravated with Pascal once again, I had jumped onto Milo’s character to go Scallop hunting and not only did Pascal not show up for the first Scallop of the day, but didn’t show up for the second one either.

It was very hard to keep motivation up for the day when I keep having such a hard time just getting Pascal to show his face. The only plus for the day was that on my regular character Thirteen, I got an S Ranking house (Only the Silver trophy but still!)

My house is far from complete in my eyes though, I still have the upstairs, the downstairs to do up entirely. Plus I want a little more going on in the bathroom I have done up so far. Once it’s done though I will definitely get some photos/videos to share with everyone!


July 13th, 2020

Leif was in town today, he was super important in the completion of my Island Maze that now is fully completed!

I had a little bit of a hard time dealing with a lost item today. It was the first time I ever really had this issue as before when I was still off work I wouldn’t play as early in the morning as I have been. But I actually had to jump on during one of my breaks at work to be able to complete it as Rasher, the item owner, couldn’t get himself out of bed before I had to leave for work in the morning.

Thankfully I have the Switch Lite, so I had no issues locking it up at work to come back to on my break. Still it was a little more hassle this time around than it has been in the past.

And then it was also very concerning seeing Rasher’s weird grin just peering at me after we had finished our business. He gets creepier the longer I have him on my island. At the end of the day he’s just an Old Grump that I hope finds a better home soon.

I am still working hard trying to deal with the Pascal nonsense, it’s just exhausting to even write about at this point. Just assume it got done with a lot of issues. -_-


July 14th, 2020

Today’s letter from Nana I felt on a deep personal level. Ever since going back to work, even when I try to sleep in on my days off, I’m still waking up super early just ready to go for the day. I just want to relax in bed and do nothing!

Flick was in town today and due to my lack of preparedness I didn’t even have the time to go hunt for an art project for him. I was pretty disappointed but there wasn’t much I could do about it, just wasn’t in me after a 10 hr work day to go and bug hunt. I will however be taking this as a lesson and work on getting some stored up for Flick and CJs next visits.

In other super exciting news, we are in the process on moving another Dream Team Villager into Sirenity! My friend from Beacon where we sent Marshal, and where I already got Ellie from, managed to get their hands on Whitney for me! That news came with even more excitement when Filbert finally decided that it’s time for him to move on from Sirenity!


July 15th, 2020

Today we finally say goodbye to Filbert, and by ‘we’ I mean just Milo. He was the only one I sent in to say goodbyes. I don’t have anything against Filbert, I just think he’s a little on the boring side. Plus with Whitney on the line, it’s a no-brainer.

Ellie sent me a wonderful gift and letter in the mail. So wonderful that I just had to make sure I fulfilled Ellie’s wishes. I opened the gift and modelled the dress inside in style! She definitely knows the kind of clothes I like!

I got a new nickname today as well, I’m not super fond of it as I was really enjoying being called Chief. Plus the new nickname is really weird. Yet I still accepted it so now half my villagers walk around calling me reverb. Probably the more out there nickname I will have in this game.

I ended my day playing a super quick round of Treasure Hunter with Ketchup!


July 16th, 2020

I think Iggly is going to have to leave soon if he can’t get along with the permanent Villagers. It was interesting to see him storm off as Ketchup was just glowing away.

Saharah was here to sell me her wares. I feel like even though I always buy one of everything I hardly have any options for wall and flooring. I need more choices Saharah give me more!

Later on in the day, after I had returned from work, I finally got to head over to Beacon to obtain Whitney!

It only took a bit of talking before I got what I was looking for!

We almost have all the Villagers we need! It gets more and more exciting every time I manage to get a Dream Team Villager to come to the Island. Also, while I was in Beacon I thought I would pay a quick visit to check on our previous resident Marshal, I found it super adorable that he still remembers me.

I was about to call it a night after I had headed back to Sirenity but I found Wisp and figured I had more than enough time to help a ghost out before I go to bed.

I’ve chosen the expensive option only once and it immediately gave me something that I already owned, and so I almost always choose something new with Wisp now. At least I can guarantee that no matter how expensive or cheap the item is it’s something that will expand my catalogue.


July 17th, 2020

Whitney is officially a Sirenity resident! We are so incredibly happy to have her as part of our Island adventure. Now all I have to do is get her partner Apollo! I can’t wait to see how they interact with each other on an Island together compared to how they were in the movie!

In other news, Label was also in town today. I got a wicked cool new coat from her and I honestly think it’s super snazzy.

Aside from all the secret preparations I made for some Island visitor fun tomorrow, I kept it simple today. A lot of indoor work with our residential Mermaid’s house, as I want it to have a real authentic Mermaid feel. I’ve been crafting up as many Mermaid items as I possibly am I able to. I basically use up all the resources I get in the day to try and get more items in there. I think I’m still missing some shell DIY’s that would go well with the Mermaid theme as well. It’s just about finding everything! Once her house is fully upgraded and done I will probably do a small tour there as well.


July 18th, 2020

We have a campsite visitor! I was pleasantly surprised as I’ve been having people over semi frequently and I know that can effect when a camper visits but I got the announcement so I’m not going to complain.

I recognized who it was as soon as I entered the tent, as Julian here is already a resident of my New Leaf town of Gothello. He’s definitely an amazing villager, but as I already technically have him, even if it’s just in New Leaf. I don’t feel the need to obtain him for Sirenity. Or even for Sirenity South for that matter (More news on that at a later date).