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July 5th-July 11th


July 5th, 2020

After a week break from Daisy Mae’s turnips I was missing the fun. Although my own prices have not been that great lately, Daisy Mae was offering up a decent enough price that it was worth another little dip. No more extravagant show off stuff, just good old fashioned turnip market.

I kept it simple and just limited myself to 100 Turnips. I don’t need anymore room being taken up in my house and I am definitely not throwing them on the island while I am still trying to get the perfect island eval.

I was super excited to find that so soon after the Bug Off, I was actually going to get a chance to do my very first Fishing Tourney as well. It’s also even better that I happen to have that day off from work! So there should be zero conflict! I love when things just work out!

Speaking of working out, I feel like my character must be getting super buff from all these water exercises and the heavy underwater lifting. Like that thing is really bigger than my head!

Don’t forget that our amazing new guest Marshal is now officially on the Island. However short it may be Welcome to Sirenity Marshal!

I was lucky enough to have another lost item adventure today! Although I did almost miss it because it was in an area of the Island I haven’t been going to recently. Thankfully I had a visitor (My cousin!) point it out to me while checking out the island!

I am getting pretty good at finding these guys right away, maybe I just keep getting lucky or maybe I am seeing something I don’t even realize I am seeing! Who knows!

I gotta say I am just loving the whole pascal experience, other than the few times I had issues even getting him to show up. I definitely don’t understand all his mechanics but hopefully the more I dive around daily for scallops and whatnot the closer I will be to both; understanding, and unlocking all the Mermaid DIYs.


July 6th, 2020

Let’s start off by what I did for Sirenity today by adding a new Human to the Island. Milo is our newest resident and will take up the position of permanent camper for the island. I want my island campsite to always have that feeling that it’s useful and what better way then ensuring there is always 1 tent. I will say this idea seemed a lot easier to deal with in my head. The lack of inventory space makes him not so fun to actually run around the island with, however, he is mostly here for aesthetic and will probably only really hold a side role in the main story for the Sirenity. Thankfully, that means I really don’t have to worry too much about him, aside from hopping on to abuse his daily collectibles.

Getting back to more regular programming CJ was in town today, which meant another go at a Seaports Challenge.

Nothing like a fun little fishing run to start off the day, and if I get a little something out of it that’s just another cherry on top. It took me a bit to gather the amount needed to get another art piece to my collection, but I did eventually manage to gather 3 puffer fish to request for my collection!

Marshal is still doing his thing on the island, in fact he’s already showing off his personality. When I was presented with the perfect photo opportunity with Marshal he of course immediately flees the scene like some pop star avoiding the paparazzi. I will get something good out of you yet! And not just your singing!

I eventually spotted a distressed Nana and went to investigate. It was in hopes that she would maybe be asking to move again, as I am ready, so, so, ready, for her to leave. Now I hear that her and Ellie are fighting, which at least Nana was trying to remedy.

Ellie also seemed very gung ho about the apology which was heartwarming to see these two kiddos makeup. It was a great way to end the day as well!


July 7th, 2020

Another day, another new human villager to fill my island to it’s max capacity. Also to introduce the character that will hold probably the most influence over the future story of Sirenity. Winter is our newest recruit, who also happens to be the secret, Island Mermaid. I can’t wait until I get all the other villagers I need to start working on the story. For now I am just going to keep working on the main story.

It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one gets cringy about stuff we used to do when we were younger. I have plenty of memories like those! I definitely want to try drawing this as well (probably in a human form again as I am just not great at the whole animal thing even with references). Don’t know when but expect something inspired by this eventually.

I was really hoping I was going to get pirate Gulliver but no luck for me either way he was here on the island, and I hooked him up with his parts. Even though I really do need them so I can make that Transformer for my Drive-In.


I found out the best way possible. You see I hadn’t been checking in a whole lot with Isabelle as I am actually still in the middle of construction so I still have a little bit more I am adding to the island. When digging for gold I noticed this treasure instead! Lillies-of-the-valley, a well know indicator of a 5 star Island.

I immediately sought out Isabelle to find out the truth. I am proud of all the work I have put into the Island, and I can’t wait until I finish off my current projects so I can have a real final result to share with everyone. I will definitely be attempt to try and put together and Island tour video now that I have accomplished all that I have.

The final project for today was to do one final update of my house exterior (unless they release more options of course), as my character on the Island will be portrayed in the story as a witch. I wanted the final look of her house to reflect that witchy aesthetic. One of the main characters of the story, I had to make sure her house was setup perfectly as it will be a future focal point for a lot of the story I wanna tell for Sirenity.


July 8th, 2020

Finally a visit from Redd to brighten my day! Expanding the museum collection is taking the absolute longest time, but I guess that’s what I signed up for with going for the no time travel route of life. It was nice to seem him and I hope he reappears more in the future.

Who I am really waiting on is Leif, I am just hoping and praying he’ll show up soon because he has the bushes I need to complete my maze! I feel like whenever I need Leif he never shows up, and then the moment I don’t need him anymore there he is with that big ole smile on his face. My fingers are crossed though!

JJI actually got on himself for a whole two seconds to look at the work I had done on the island, he must’ve done it after I had gone to bed for the night. It was a nice wake up call to see that he took some time to at least look around at my efforts!

Also I had been playing around with the pro-design tool as I have never actually made anything using the pro-design tool before even in any of the prior games where it was available (Which I think was just New Leaf). I made a Sirenity inspired dress, and even though I threw some other Sirenity designs up in the Able Sisters. This was the first time I found one of them wearing it! I even found a second villager too!

It’s nice to see them sporting attire that I created myself, gives me a little affirmation that maybe the design didn’t totally suck. Which in my opinion it wasn’t that great, but it was my first try.

Even my villagers are trying to stay cool, dealing with a real life heat wave I was definitely loving the chill vibes my villagers were giving off.

Then there is Pascal. He is becoming more and more trouble than it’s worth. He really hates showing up for my first scallop of the day. Sometimes that’ll be all I can find in 2 hours of diving. No one has the time/energy to be not only diving for a hard to find thing, but also praying that you are lucky enough that he’ll even show his face after all that work.

I found that most of the time when he wasn’t showing up on the first one, I would find another one almost immediately and then he would show. But if that wasn’t the case, I normally can’t find any at all after that. I heard that he is programmed to be slightly random but I think that was horrible design choice. If we want to have the time to do everything one wants to do in a day in Animal Crossing, we need stuff to be working the first time. Not everything should be about just hoping and praying you’ll luck out. This isn’t a gamble game.


July 9th, 2020

We welcome Gullivarrr to Sirenity for the first time! I hope to see a lot of him over the summer. I need to get me all of that Pirate Treasure!

There was a campsite visitor today. Which means that even though Marshal has only been on our island for a very short time. It’s time to get down to business and start operation “Move Marshal” so that he can final reach his future home.

Meet Robin! It was a decently difficult process took me longer to replace Marshal than it did to recruit him. Either way I was hard at work making sure that Robin was going to be making the right choice to join me in Marshal’s stead.

When it was all said and done we said our goodbyes to Marshal, and wished him luck on his Journey to his new home in Beacon.

The only other relevant thing that happened today was that I got probably my favourite gift from Pascal. Took a lot of work to get it as he still refuses to be civil with my islanders.

The Mermaid Fishy Dress is definitely going to be put to god use on Sirenity. Mermaids reside in these waters too I am sure.


July 10th, 2020

As I had a long work day on Friday I didn’t get to do much of anything, but while I was chilling at the end of the night before bed (And watching Hannibal with a friend), I just had my character Thirteen stare up at the stars so I could at least get something out of my day. (Even the friend I was watching with came and star-gazed with me) Also I was super disappointed in Celeste’s DIY, someone please tell me how a lily wand relates to space. Anyone?


July 11th, 2020

Finally the day of the Fishing Tourney has arrived! I have been waiting with anticipation all week for this. Especially when I found out I was lucky enough to get the day off work.

Now I am not going to go into too much detail here with everything that happened with Fishing Tourney, but there will be a dedicated post as next week’s Wednesday Tidbit.

Everyone was geared up and ready to get their competition on. I will say that by the end of it all I wasn’t as excited about it as I had been throughout the Bug Off. Catching a fish takes almost 3x as long as it takes to net a bug, and so it made it extremely challenging as well very unsatisfying. Made me feel like no matter how hard I pushed I couldn’t get the kind of points I was consistently getting with the Bug Off.

The only villager who hadn’t been a part of today’s festivities was our newest Islander Robin. I’m not 100% about whether I want to keep her indefinitely or not. I kinda like her though because her hair reminds me of a friend. As long as I can get Apollo, Whitney, and Tia still for my island I’m not too picky about everyone else. (Aside from the other already deemed permanent villagers of course.)

I don’t know if it was just the lack of interest in my blog in the past week, or maybe just being drained from finally going back to work. This week in Animal Crossing felt very exhausting, don’t get me wrong I still had loads of fun. But especially with all the issues I’ve been having with getting Pascal to show up for his Scallops, it’s also been super frustrating. I am still just getting into the swing of things though. I am not going to let anything keep me from trying to stay motivated at least for a full year. That’s more a challenge for myself than anything. I am very good at just dropping stuff whenever it stops being fulfilling. But I refuse to let that happen with Animal Crossing. It was the game of my childhood, and now that I am an adult I think focusing on it will give me a balance that I need to come out of my anxiety induced shell.

Anyways that’s all there is this week. I hope you all keep reading and always feel free to leave me feedback!

Coming This Week:

Thanks for reading about the last week with me here is a quick preview of what’s coming to the blog this week!

Sunday, July 12th:(10 am)The weekly Newsletter for July 5th- July 11th
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Tuesday, July 14th:(10 am&10:15 am)Two New Story Times
Wednesday, July 15th:(9 pm)Weekly Tidbit: Fish Tourney! Note: This is a later time than I normally post this~
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Friday, July 17th:(10 am&10:15 am) Two New Story Times (Note: Fridays are a wild card day, if I happen to have anything extra I feel like posting by this time during the week it will also be posted on this day)
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