Look Book

Group Outfits

This week’s Look Book is a little different again as I had a bit more fun using all the characters. This time I decided to do outfits that go together for group gatherings! I had so much fun with this one, might do a few more like these. I’m Not going to list the items that I used this time around as I feel at this point the pictures speak for themselves!

Group Dive

The first outfits I did had to be for diving, as I attempt to grab scallops everyday I actually spend a lot of my time staring at these guys in wet-suits.

Mermaids & Pirates

I’m hoping to unlock more Pirate and Mermaid stuff as I deal with Pascal and Gullivarrr. I am much closer to unlocking all the Mermaid stuff than the Pirate stuff though. As Gullivarrr has at this point only visited me twice since his existence came into play.

Magical Transformation

As much as I fully wanted to through JJI and Milo into the Magical Girl Dresses as they are super cute whether you are a Male or Female looking character, I saw the racing suits I just felt they fit better! The entire idea for this week’s look book stemmed from wanting to do Magical Transformation Outfits for the future superheroes of my Island.

I know this week’s was a little different, less informative, more creative outlet. I still had fun making it and I hope you guys still have fun looking at it. I can’t wait to plan out more of these!

Bye for now~

Look Book

Dress In Character

So this week I am changing it up again since I recently introduced some new characters to me island. These characters were created solely for the purpose of adding more people to enhance the story of Sirenity that I eventually want to write out. So this week we have 2 Outfits for each of our 4 Human Villagers that reside on the island. One look for their everyday around the island look, and another one that corresponds more towards one of the roles the might have in my story! I hope you enjoy!

Thirteen Everyday

Thirteen the character who plans to be the focal point and main character for the story of Sirenity. You’ll find that her everyday aesthetic changes from time to time. This time around however her Everyday look consists of: Lacy Shirt (Black), Gobelin Shorts (Pink?), Wide-Brim Straw Hat (White), Bottom Rimmed Glasses (Black), and Ribbon Sandals (Black).

Thirteen’s Role

I’ve done some versions of this kind of look before, a standard witchy look if you will. Although Thirteen will come to have many other very significant roles on the Island, this is the one that will have started it all. Thirteen originally a solitary witch living in a big city, get’s drawn into the island life by a strange vision calling her there. This iconic look consists of: Mysterious Dress (Purple), Mage’s Hat (Black), Octagonal Glasses (Purple), Flowery-dot Tights (Black), and Vinyl Round-toed Pumps (Black).

JJI Everyday

JJI, my other half, he’s mostly just along for the ride because he knows I want him to be. He rarely even finds the time to jump on the Island, but I appreciate him here nonetheless. As I can still utilize his character even when he isn’t playing! His Everyday outfit, reflective of his simple style, consists of: Chimeyo Vest (Blue), Athletic Pants (Black), Bobby Socks (Black), and Shower Sandals (Black).

JJI’s Role

As JJI himself requested it, his role on the Island is that of a Grumpy Old Man who lives at the top of the hill, on the outskirts of the Island. A hermit if you will, the kind of guy who would tell ‘whippersnappers’ to “Get off his lawn” so to speak. So his insistently grumpy look consists of: Collarless Shirt (Black), Chino Pants (Light Blue), Paperboy Cap (Brown), Everyday Socks (Grey), and Moccasins (Black).

Milo Everyday

Milo, one of the two newest additions to the Sirenity family. Brought in for the purpose of being able to add more characters and depth into my Sirenity story. His Everyday look consists of: Gilet and Shirt (Blue), Cargo Shorts (Brown), Tortoise Specs (Brown), Comfy Sandals (Brown), and a Hard Shell Backpack.

Milo’s Role

Milo’s role on the Island, is mostly aesthetic but at the end of the day he is what he is, a camper. I wanted my campsite to always look like at least someone was there visiting, so Milo is an Explorer who has taken up camp on the Island in hopes of finding new discoveries. Milo’s camper look consists of: Explorer’s Shirt (Blue), Multicolour Shorts (Blue), Explorer’s Hat (Blue), Round Shades (Black), Simple Accent Socks (Blue), Sporty Sandals (Beige), and Traveler’s Backpack.

Winter Everyday

The second of the newest Sirenity recruits, Winter is an interesting new addition. She was named Winter because JJI insisted because my name is Summer and literally suggest we use the name Winter for everything solely because of that. So I did it, whatever it’s just a name, and doesn’t change how her story will turn out. Winter’s everyday outfit consists of: Career Jacket (Pink), Corte Skirt (Pink), Do-Rag (Pink), Labelle Sunglasses (Red), Vivid Tights (Pink), Embroidered Shoes (Red), and Buttefly Backpack (Event).

Winter’s Role

Probably another familiar look to any avid viewers (the like 2 of you), but still an important one. Winter’s main role is the object of mystery for the Island. A Mermaid who lives in secret among the town. With her home hidden in the heart of the Island’s Labyrinth. The Princess of Sirenity’s waters, sent to the Island on a mysterious task. Winter’s mermaid look consists of: Tiara Hair (Wig), Shell Dress (Blue), Fishnet Tights (White), Shiny Bow Platform Shoes (White), and Shellfish Pochette.

Bye for now~