Look Book

Group Outfits

This week’s Look Book is a little different again as I had a bit more fun using all the characters. This time I decided to do outfits that go together for group gatherings! I had so much fun with this one, might do a few more like these. I’m Not going to list the items that I used this time around as I feel at this point the pictures speak for themselves!

Group Dive

The first outfits I did had to be for diving, as I attempt to grab scallops everyday I actually spend a lot of my time staring at these guys in wet-suits.

Mermaids & Pirates

I’m hoping to unlock more Pirate and Mermaid stuff as I deal with Pascal and Gullivarrr. I am much closer to unlocking all the Mermaid stuff than the Pirate stuff though. As Gullivarrr has at this point only visited me twice since his existence came into play.

Magical Transformation

As much as I fully wanted to through JJI and Milo into the Magical Girl Dresses as they are super cute whether you are a Male or Female looking character, I saw the racing suits I just felt they fit better! The entire idea for this week’s look book stemmed from wanting to do Magical Transformation Outfits for the future superheroes of my Island.

I know this week’s was a little different, less informative, more creative outlet. I still had fun making it and I hope you guys still have fun looking at it. I can’t wait to plan out more of these!

Bye for now~