Summer The Squirrel

Last week I had done up a drawing of Elephant Friends. I had wanted to draw something with Tia and Ellie since I have IRL friends with the same names, and so I even did up myself in the group as an Elephant as well. Now I really didn’t think that if I was in the Animal Crossing Universe I would be an Elephant so I made it my job for this week to figure out what I would actually be in the world. So I did a few Animal Crossing Quizzes the Nintendo Site has, I did a couple. Found out my Personality type and Hobbie type, then I went to look at Villager types. I was going to do two quizzes and then just pick the one I felt more like but it turns out Animal Crossing likes me as a Squirrel (I couldn’t find any animal ones specifically so I did two different just “Which Villager are you?” ones. First time I got Marshal, and the second time Static). I also decided to give the Villager my IRL name as well. I might open up commissions if there are others interested in my drawing them as Villagers as well! So this is the final product! Hope you like it~

Bye for now~