Look Book

Dress For Umbrellas

I had wanted to do something like this for awhile but hadn’t quite found a decent collection of Umbrellas yet to do it with. Then it took me a little longer to get together because normally I do all my Look Book stuff on Harvey’s Island, but I found out that you can’t equip Umbrellas on Harvey’s Island (unless I am just dumb and somebody knows a way, please feel free to tell me!)

Grape Umbrella

Hopefully it’s not too dark, another reason I prefer doing my Look Book stuff on Harvey’s Island. I stuck to a nice purple colour scheme for my clothing items to tag along with it, making it a very cohesive outfit!

Ghost Umbrella

I couldn’t help but throw on my Mummy costume to go along with Ghost Umbrella, really gives a character some creepy vibes. Would love to hang out with Lucky in this outfit!

Purple Lace Umbrella

The Purple Lace Umbrella was actually one of the first umbrellas I acquired in game. I made sure to throw on my fanciest outfit to go along with it, creating a nice regal look.

Spiderweb Umbrella

The Spiderweb Umbrella is actually the one I am most familiar with from a few of the other games as well. I almost always see Cherry with it and it definitely does suit her style. I put on my most punk outfit to accommodate.

Snowflake Umbrella

I had kind of wished I would consider time travelling because I feel like this outfit would have looked a lot nicer with a lovely winter backdrop. However I agreed to keep it real time all the time and so far I haven’t missed out on much because of that. This was a nice simple winter look!

Fish Umbrella

I love how almost all of the fish stuff just seems to look better at night. Mermaid stuff as well, you get a room with the collection of water related walls and flooring and turn your lights off. At night the light shimmers through the water and it’s just fantastic. This umbrella is no different!

Ladybug Umbrella

I think the Ladybug Umbrella is super cute, it’s the kind of Umbrella that your parents would give you as a kid so you could feel like a grown up with your own umbrella. Gives me some deep nostalgic vibes.

Daisy Umbrella

I tried to go for a bright sunshine look to pair with the Daisy Umbrella because what needs sunshine more than a flower! I think this collective outfit umbrella combo is my favourite! I like that it’s an Umbrella that isn’t actually shaped like a traditional Umbrella, makes it feel more prop like but also more fun.

That is it for this week’s Look Book, I hope you enjoyed and if you have any ideas for types of outfits of Look Book themes you want to see feel free to leave a comment!

Bye for now~