Bug Off: June

So this is going to be a little bit different of a blog post as most of my content is going to be in this video I made below. I am trying to broaden my skills for the blog as much as possible so wanted to try a creative approach. I had a lot of fun making it and I hope you enjoy the video and the rest of the Blog post!

Music Credits

We Are Here by Declan DP
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All Night by Ikson
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New Happy Day by fennec beats
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Fluffing a Duck by Kevin MacLeod
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I actually ended up going on more than 40 runs, I kept going even long after I had hit the 300 Point mark. I had a lot of fun playing with friends and seeing everything the Bug Off had to offer. I am going to be trying this again in the future (probably with more bug/fish tourney’s).

Here are some stats about the rewards I received!

Prizes Collected:
Artisanal Bug Cage x 3
Toy Centipede x 1
Toy Cockroach x 1
Spider Doorplate x 4
Spider Web x 6
Butterflies Wall x 8
Ladybug Rug x 7
Bug Aloha Shirt x 4
Bug Cage x 3
Bug Wand x 4
Butterfly Backpack x 3
Ladybug Umbrella x 5
Total Items Obtained: 49
Total Points Obtained: 490

Bye for now~


Creepy Harvey’s: Look Book Video Example

I head to Harvey’s once a week to do some staging for my Look Book photos because I like to make a scene surrounding all my outfits. As a paying Patron you will have access to these as they become available. This particular one I took because I thought it was creepy that when I left my staged room, all the villagers I had placed came alone with me. I feel like they should stay in the room, like furniture does.